So then Season 13 and several changes in Xbox div 1. The most populated xbox league sees half of its players new to the division with 1 coming down, 6 coming up and 1 transfer from the dark side of the PS4. I actually think this could be the tightest Div 1 for ages, imo there are no standout players like we had last year and whilst I reckon the top 5 have that bit more class than the rest of us positions 6 to 16 could easily be interchangeable, as ive got some players in the teens who could easily challenge around the playoffs, infact I’ll be surprised if any of this is correct.

Thursday, 01 October 2015 20:48

We Are A Community

So you’ve come across this site either through a referral or by chance via a search engine looking to compete in an online FIFA or PES league? The next thing you need to do is read this………. FifaLeagueManager, ProEvoNetwork and MaddenPFL fall under the gaming umbrella of RGM community, a forum based site with news, information, discussions and events across a wide range of PS4 and XBONE titles. Activity is both encouraged and rewarded in various ways within all 3 sites. Do we have your attention?

Saturday, 22 August 2015 15:31

What makes an FLMer?

What makes an FLMer? Were all here in own little ways but whats makes us stand out? What skills do we need to survive the dog-eat-dog,day to day shenanigans on the site we have all come to call our second home (some spend more time here than with their familys...but thats another story) Well here are a few pointers as to what tools i believe you need to survive FLM.

Monday, 11 May 2015 19:37

The Transfer Market and You

What this guide aims to do

The FLM transfer market can be a daunting place for a new member, and even for veterans. This guide aims to help guide you through this labrinth, regardless of whether you are a new member or not, and even for those looking for a spot in the leagues in the future. We will focus firstly on the 'slang' of FLM, and what it means. Please bear in mind that all of this guide is likely biased towards my preferences, and how I prefer to do business.