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  2. FIFA 18 ratings

    He did get promoted though
  3. FIFA 18 ratings

  4. FIFA 18 ratings

    Must be such an exciting time for you. Given your complete lack of ability in the market, this must be the only chance you get to upgrade your team! Glad the past 12 months has paid off mate.
  5. FIFA 18 EA Access

  6. FIFA 18 ratings

    Pozuelo up to a 78
  7. Destiny 2

    Aye it's my Mrs and my brother in law, who are not scary peoples. I agree though it would be better if they made it Raid size parties for the whole game, but it would probably be too easy if it was 6 in a team. The longevity of the game in question for me definitely so I agree with that as well, everyone is pretty much maxed out after a week of playing.
  8. Destiny 2

    Oh aye, it's a very popular game. Be mostly die hards playing now though.
  9. Destiny 2

    I love the way you encourage others in clubs. 4 is so much more than 3 6 player Raids as well, something you don't get in Borderlands. Agree though that BL does a lot more of it the way it should be done and does actually have a long (and enjoyable) campaign. Could argue why a lot of what you've said is wrong but not much point as you're already made up your mind.
  10. FUT18

    Bronze pack for me today I dis get 2500 coins yesterday. Currently trying to piece together a Serie A team.
  11. Today
  12. Destiny 2

    I just started dabbling in it again, no use to you, due to your poor choice of console. Its f**king great on your own, even better in a party. New one is in development. TAKE. ALL. MY. MONEY
  13. Destiny 2

    SPeaking of Borderlands, I've got the Handsome collection untouched, never played a Borderlands game ever, is the community still active on those games?
  14. Destiny 2

    I do not whinge on clubs. I point out other people's failings and LOL at them. And I f**king enjoy it And playing clubs Unless you're in a group this is the drizzling s**ts and even then its a bit repetitive. How dare you even mention this in the same breath as Borderlands I needed to group up with people, but due to the s**tty level system, not possible, can't get in to raids, or whatever the other s**te is. Once I had levelled up, people were already in full groups. Borderlands doesn't limit you based on level. Far easier to group up and had a long ass campaign that kept you interested, even if it was playing it through a couple of times. Thankfully, clubs is back.
  15. Destiny 2

    The milestones on the left, some for grinding out the crucible, some for nightfall, some for strikes etc. It changes every day I think, I had one that was do 3 strikes but the next day it was 5 challenges
  16. Destiny 2

    Cayde’s treasures are pointless after 265 too
  17. Destiny 2

    You only get those in nightfall and raid don’t you?
  18. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Hopefully they'll put the Donnarumma OP patch on before season 14 starts.
  19. Destiny 2

    Yeah after 265 you’re levelling is limited to exotic drops or power rewards
  20. Destiny 2

    Think it’s more to do with party sizes, you jump on, you’re in s party with your mrs and mate, bumble is the same, then there’s only say 2 more playing. Don’t have enough or the levellings for the raid or nightfall. Public event after public event is pointless now at 265, before hand not so bad as I was going up
  21. Destiny 2

    He is on Titan
  22. Destiny 2

    Btw....XUR is selling a very good Rocket Launcher. Go pick it up quick time!!
  23. Destiny 2

    Not sure what the problem is lads, the grind is much less that on say Borderlands and you pookeynoodles loved that. Too much whinging, pretty much like you pookeynoodles are on clubs every night as well. Where is the enjoyment in your gaming? Why do you even do it if you just cry all the f**king time? f**king moany pookeynoodles
  24. FIFA 18 EA Access

    When is Club Number 2 starting?
  25. Destiny 2

    Haven’t done the raid, done last weeks nightfall not this weeks.
  26. FIFA 18 EA Access

    You'd think playing clubs for the last year would have improved your skill level a bit...............not deteriorated it
  27. Destiny 2

    You done the raid yet? or Night fall?
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