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  2. Love a bit of skill and it was followed by a great finish with Erdogan
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  6. Result Added, FSL Deleted. @Stench to confirm.
  7. Aye, loved the snake hips on Afobe but that dink over the defender was
  8. I feel like I should note my goal was flicking the ball over one John Terry, to add extra satisfaction
  9. f**king typo #Afofe #Afefe #Covfefe
  10. Same here
  11. I was all ready to vote for Afofe, until 1m14 seconds and that all went out of the window.
  12. Voting closes Friday 4th August at 10PM @ChewieEX16 @Chris_Kenny @Curfish @DJPL @Ellis3377 @fungusking @Gazdavis11 @Kerrgio @Mr-Masta @Rickyt @rising star @Scott-RFC @SteveViper @tommo-uk- @BluenoseDave72 @RFC Buncey @Dom86Gtfc @Geasers77 @houdini64 @Lukewarm1337 @MztikalAce @PALSfocusST @PpJt @RobbieM1977 @starkefc @Steevoo @Tazarr @antsneo @bcoatesy @Beyond The Game @fcumkev9898 @Hammergc @Marc-The-Knife @nantgwyn @Park-Tool @ben91tucker @ScottWales @spragga @Stench @Tailz77 @Bumblebee G1 @Crash151 @doob @Goldenbeard @Gypsymuffin @Joe @Razakel @Revskic @ShaunC92 @Shelbourne @sofarukus @stephbhoy @Tiernobyl @smithers j0nes @ThePacFish @giib @Vondia @Riverman @Wasay95 @Sc0tty84 @payne wales @BlondeDan @Trooper uk @j0rd4n500 @ChairFloor @Mo to the Fo @W00dyinh0 @Superceltic67 @Berty44 @Red Rhinoceros @Tunners1 @Tuggi @Howson JAWZ @DiodeX @Mowgles @ZoSo @Grumbo @Sir Sparktacus @MackemJet @Dell RFC
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  14. White tees?
  15. Round 3 - Turnberry Ailsa Course - Starts July 30th to Aug 4th Setup Rounds: 4 Tees: White Pins: Round 1 - 1, Round 2 - 2, Round 3 - 3, Round 4 - 4 Buy In: 500 coins, split 50/50 between Society and Round (helps build the Society up) Handicaps: Enabled Extra Info Xbox One President: @ninjabean87 - The only person who can accept people into the society to enter the tournament PS4 Society President: @fcumkev9898 - The only person who can accept people into the society to enter the tournament Society Name: FLM Clubhouse (same for both XB1 + PS4)
  16. gg m8 thats why i sold kucher useless cnut for 2nd goal . well plyd desreved the win cheers
  17. Result: 2-1 Home Team Manager: BlondeDan Franchise: Nottingham Forest Scorers: Gamboa (29), Bolingoli (45) Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Bolingoli Away Team Manager: @Trooper uk Franchise: Karabükspor Scorers: Demir (54) Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: Kara started well I'm the game forcing the first smart stop from Foster before Forest began to take control. A couple of missed opportunities were followed by a chipped cross from Bolingoli which Gamboa nodded in getting his first goal for the club. Bolingoli swiftly followed up with a second after losing control of the ball and then robbing it back from a confused defence. Kara started the second half strongly and hit a powerful shot off the bar not long before Abdennour tapped and ankle and Kara pulled one back from the spot. A couple of decent chances each followed but the game finished with Forest collecting the 3 points Good game trooper, well played bud
  18. gg m8 wel plyd been like this in a few games way it goes u too good for me well plyd cheers
  19. gg m8 well plyd cheers
  20. FSL Deleted
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  24. @ZoSo v @Joe @Riverman v @ShaunC92 semis lads goodluck
  25. Confirmed, a former reading flop ruled the day
  26. Well played fella, just couldn't get past pantman when I had the chances and you took yours well
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