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  2. FUT18

    40 games of fifa over 3 days isnt a chore/ to much weekend time? D= Way to many, they should be extending it to monday/ tuesday imo biggest issue with what is a good mode ( bar the horrible opponent also)
  3. FUT18

    It’s about 12 hours of play time isn’t it? I tend to have a couple of hours in the afternoon and a couple of hours when the wife has gone to bed most days so don’t feel like it’s a massive chore
  4. FUT18

    I can only do a WL every now and then as feels like I give up most of my weekend to play the games required to get decent prizes. Don't know how you boys do it every week
  5. FUT18

    Division 3, have been for a few weeks not played it much. 3 games played in it 2 wins and a loss. WL this week I’ve just got to 18 wins with 10 games left that will be me done for the weekend because of work.
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  7. FUT18

    Im in Div 2. Only played 2 games in it tho. Currently 19 wins with like 12/13 games remaining. So hoping to get to Gold 1.
  8. FUT18

    Who to sign out of regular Alderwiereld or OTW Davinson Sanchez? Both cost around 30k but is Sanchez likely to get upgrade to warrant spending 30k on him?
  9. FUT18

    Been getting that in Div 3
  10. FUT18

    I played this morning a team of 8 icons and his 3 other players were Bailly, Pogba and Lewandowski
  11. FUT18

    Wait till you get to div 1 there pretty much teams of icons
  12. FUT18

    Think I'm div 3 but some of the players and teams I've been coming up against are a joke
  13. FUT18

    What division are you guys in for online seasons? My current English Prem team is Hart Moreno Coleman Otamendi Sanchez Bakayoko Lanzini Can Coutinho Batshuayi Salah im up to Div 3 now, have got a French, German, Spanish and Italian team to mix it up a bit too
  14. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    Berty and I are on the Tour Clubs now so that's our excuse I spent half my round in those fairway bunkers but when you hit the fairway it is a definite advantage ...<DRAMATIC PAUSE>... and feels good
  15. FUT18

    Just had the worst weekend ever...<DRAMATIC PAUSE>.....just barely managed gold 3. Think I lost about 10 games in a row. Just same rubbish happening no matter what I did to try and prevent it all Did a bit of rage selling there and sold I think 4 players and brought in just over 300k so now sitting on 400k and still a handful of quality players left
  16. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    win? Did i stay top? i thought someone would of p**sed that easy considering i f**ked up a round
  17. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    Good win that Ninja Hopefully @Berty44 will post up the full result
  18. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    I'll be updating the leaderboard this week at some point, probably wednesday morning at the earliest
  19. FUT18

    Yea on PS4 lol. I’ve had jack s**t since switching to Xbox
  20. FUT18

    Arent you the guy that packed an icon, yet your complaining about your packs. D= I spent time investing more than playing the game. Made loads from MMs etc.
  21. FUT18

    How the f do you build a squad like that I’ve had absolutely f**k all out of the packs since moving to Xbox.
  22. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    I love the positivity of the commentator. Hole a putt and he says “that’s good enough to keep him at 8th place on the leaderboard” I’m f**king last by a county mile
  23. FUT18

    Definitely not unstoppable with me controllig them tbf
  24. FUT18

    When you have enough get Varane & Pique in there and that is literally unstoppable
  25. FUT18

    Built this, no motovation to use it though
  26. FUT18

    Can do a PL team for under 40k Begovic, Aurier, Smalling, Rojo, Mendy, Gueye, Fellaini, Barkley or Lanzini Sterling Son Sane
  27. FUT18

    What's the cheapest OP team you can make?
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