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  2. Exactly, I'm rubbish. May as well play different people if I can
  3. He's not even good enough to win one, let alone both!
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  7. Unify the crowns
  8. I think he should attempt to be the first dual console king maybe that's his plan
  9. Due to @RFC Buncey being so damn rich (he owns Berkshire you know!) He was able to afford FIFA on both consoles.
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  11. Why are ps4 mugs like Buncey challenging on xbox side. Already have unwanted Howson Bawz
  12. @NuuthatchI am around next week. I can probably get on a little earlier for you some evening around 8:15ish and I'm around during the afternoons at the weekend.
  13. Great clubs session last night @blacksalmon trying to get that guy from the other team sent off
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  15. Confirmed back Tuesday will get it Done that week
  16. Catch you around 10 then
  17. Play whenever you like Luke, this crown is staying where it is for quite some time regardless
  18. Can also play before the 10:30 slot, but don't want to be a cheeky pookeynoodle and take the crown before Viper gets the chance
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  20. Result & Player Stats Added
  21. Nice highlights @W00dyinh0
  22. I'll take a shot at it after Stevie-V if that's cool mate. @SteveViper If you win then game after Rising?
  23. i'll pop on at 5.30 i have a new Striker to try out
  24. Will be about tonight, surely not another 0-0 draw Rivernan
  25. Anyway, I'll take you on if you still have it later @Riverman
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