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    On the fun side someone called @Mr-Masta MrPasta which tickled me and yes my Fut club team name is now MrPasta fc
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    Same as that. Even after finding out how to load weapons 5 games yesterday and killed one person and that was running someone over. Oh and I got killed by a frying pan me and some guy landed next to each other had a little punch up I ended up chasing him into a building then he picked up the frying pan and started chasing me, was like a scene out of benny hill
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    So I got f**k all out of my 2 mega packs, then opened my gold players pack or whatever it’s called
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    Id report him for that. Get the kids account locked so he has to start from scratch. Horrible little cretin.
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    Youve had a mare here
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    Okay I’m a dickhead, I had the battery the wrong way round I will go hide now.
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    This is a beauty, 1-0 120th min for me
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    Kenny I’m no being funny, get that Henrik larsson to f**k
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    One for Tommos list of s**t ways to lose a game The guy even sent me a message saying sorry
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    Result agreed You're a lovely chap on the mic
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    This game is trolling me so hard After packing nothing all weekend I’ve just got back to back TOTW Pastore untradeable and have to discard one
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    That's Callum Wilson btw not Paul Pogba.
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    Kluivert has moved even deeper I see!
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    New season, new rules, new tune! Voting closes Friday 15th @ 23:59PM
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    That’s nothing, c kenny just packed prime icon Mo Salah from the future
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    Packed this not long ago
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    This guy was 3 0 vs me at HT and i had 10 men, he was time wasting and dabbing after every goal. I won 4 3 I think he might be a serial killer though
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    So this happened in one WL game yesterday...<DRAMATIC PAUSE>... Nothing was happening so I left it, came back after an hour and it was still at the same point I quit so the other guy sent a message saying "BOIA CHI MOLLA" which translates to "Executioner who spring"
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    Finally something that’s not dogs**t
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    This will always be my favourite documented fifa rage "I'm gonna get you banned from youtube"
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    Quality, I had an email from Sony saying action had been taken as he was in violation of their rules!!
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    Franck Kessie @Marc-The-Knife Fixture 7 v Fungus
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    Can only imagine you've taken your disgustingness to all new levels @Stev3n86
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    Result: 3-4 Home Team Manager: @Razakel Franchise: PAOK Scorers: K. Coman 25', 40, V. Belisha 37' Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A Away Team Manager: Jakey Fantastic Franchise: Independiente Medellin Scorers: M. Balotelli 20', 27', 43', 85' Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): M. Balotelli Match Report: Nay too sure what to say Took the lead, thought happy days! PAOK equalised before i regained the lead just 2 minutes later. 10 Minutes later PAOK equalised before then taking the lead on 40 minutes. Then Mario popped up once again to grab his hatrick and the equaliser in the 43rd minute. Just the casual 6 goals first half. 2nd half and the keepers actually saved some, more impressive from PAOK mind given they hadn't checked pre game to notice their sub goalie was seemingly making his league debut whilst their 1st choice wasn't even on the bench Nonetheless, come the 85th, Balotelli dropped one whilst between 2 defenders that caused chaos at the stench and allowed him enough room to volley home the winner. Unlucky Razza, bizarre game to say the least. But as always, we'll take it! All the best with the rest dude.
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    Result: Burton 4 - 0 Brescia Home Team Manager: Lukewarm Franchise: Burton Albion Scorers: Doumbia 35' 90' Ze Luis 45' 77' Clean Sheet: Rafael Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Potuk Away Team Manager: @Howson JAWZ Franchise: Brescia Scorers: Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: Not gonna bother saying much about this one, Howson got bummed hard here by Fifa. A game where everything i done was working and everything he done wasn't. Unlucky mate, don't like winning this way. But its not often I get games like that
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    Result: 2-0 Home Team Manager: Red Rhinoceros Franchise: Seattle Sounders Scorers: Capoue 84 , 89 Clean Sheet: Rensing Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Capoue Away Team Manager: Razakel Franchise: PAOK Scorers: Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: This was a tight game until the last 15 minutes or so when Seattle had a few chances and managed to score a couple. The PAOK keeper didn't cover himself in glory but Capoue was on hand to score both goals. One a bullet header and the second very late on after the keeper had parried a shot onto the post from Santon. Unlucky Raz and good luck in the rest of your games @Razakel ----
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    Result: Lyon 1 - 2 Burton Home Team Manager: @Marc-The-Knife Franchise: Lyon Scorers: Werner 82' Clean Sheet: N/a Red Cards: N/a MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: @Lukewarm1337 Franchise: Burton Albion Scorers: Doumbia 51' & 88' Clean Sheet: N/a Red Cards: N/a MoTM (if applicable): Doumbia Match Report: Doumbia came back to haunt Lyon, despite having the majority of the possession Lyon found it hard to turn it into goals and gout caught by a smooth counter attack in the 51' min where Doumbia came in on the diagonal and fired home to put Burton 1-0 up. Werner thought he saved a point for Lyon when he turned on the edge of the box and levelled the game in the 82' min. Doumbia broke Lyon's hearts in the 88' min with a goal from close range. Well played @Lukewarm1337
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    Person in not allowed to do what they want with their own time shocker!
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    He actually phoned my house once
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    DLC, in Destiny, free?
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    Result: 6-5 Home Team Manager: trooper uk Franchise: karabukspor Scorers: melgorajo x2 6min 38 min demir x2 65min 90min arango x1 58 min sahahan x1 85 mim Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): demir Away Team Manager: toffduff Franchise:heernenveen Scorers: sandro x2- 53min 77min- sapanoro x1-68min - acosta x1 3min - onazi x1- 29 min Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: wow troopers sunday lge stiffs take the the win against toffs high flying heerneeven great game toff good chat catch l8 in week cheers
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    Makes sense now how steve86 made it from 20 odd wins to 34 in a week
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    Patrick Kluivert world famous great striker, playing Centre Mid
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    Played an online draft this morning, only won 2 and packed this little beauty
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    I've retired from FUT.
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    I’ve been crap with this the last few weeks, can only apologise. If i don’t get it done before the weekend time just gets away with me, would certainly like to see another season so it’s not an indication that I’m losing interest or anything Will help in a couple of months once the NFL is finished and getting Sunday nights back
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    Result: 4-3 Home Team Manager: howson Franchise: brescia Scorers: Love (35) Boateng x2 (45, 54) Mbodj (90+) Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Mbodj Away Team Manager: Razatears Franchise: PAOK Scorers: Coman (6) van Wolfswinkel x2 (35, 58) Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: the tears were flowing as raz flung away a 2-0 lead after 35 minutes to be 3-2 down after 54. he thought he was getting his way back when he equalized 4 minutes later. the tears were in full flow as he conceeded a 90th minute near post youtube header that he loves to try. the wingwhoring and constant attempts for low or near post crosses didnt work as it was reversed and paok couldnt cope. unlucky bud i aint a nasty piece of work really but your still a s**t pookeynoodle have a nice day @Razakel your 3rd goal was decent aswell
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    Finding it impossible to qualify for the weekend league. My team is playing half the speed of my opposition, complete nonsense of a game. I'm not imagining this it's an absolute joke.
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    Tbf, you get a good pack for completing each individual SBC. You'll end up with a Pele and Maradona at least by the team you complete Henry.
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    Result: Seatle Sounders 0 - 1 Burton Albion Home Team Manager: @Red Rhinoceros Franchise: Seattle Sounders Scorers: Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: Lukewarm1337 Franchise: Burton Albion Scorers: Ze Luis 22' Clean Sheet: Rafael Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Ze Luis Match Report: Lukewarm got his team off to a winning start with their first game of their long awaited return to the Xbox leagues. The First 25mins of the first half was properly mental. End to end, and about 5 or so post/bar hits between the teams. Ze Luis popped up to grab a deserved goal for the Brewers on the 22nd minute, but shortly after there was a break in play from a blackout situation. Play soon restarted, but the momentum of the game completely changed, as this time around there was nothing going on what so ever. 2nd half was a little bit more entertaining, but again both teams were lacking somewhat. Cheers Rhino, good game and good chat mate
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    Im beginning to think we may need an over 50's League
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    Fix 2: Johnny Russell vs Riverman
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