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    My lads copy of fifa 18 when he got home from school! Eaten by my daughter's new dog! The scenes!!!! That's me another £50 down
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    You’re gonna give yourself a hernia Tommo
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    Made @Goldenbeard turn his Xbox off and rage quit mid game already, brilliant version of Fifa
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    Oh hello 🍆
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    Finished runner up and got a Jumbo and a rare player pack. Danny Ings & Jack Wilshere.
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    Tbf, thats quite realistic.
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    Everyone moans the game never gets changed. Game gets changed, everyone moans. Game gets put back the way it was in the previous years' version. Everyone just paid £60 for a transfer update
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    imagine this man, I’d be raging. Loving the little wave
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    All of them do mate, it's ok we are here for you. PM me if you need to talk x
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    Must be hard work being in some of your heads all day, the negativity FWIW having played about 10 games so far, i think it plays completely differently. Its slower, the player movement is completely changed, tackles have to be timed better and I haven't really seen any keeper howlers. I've had a couple of high scoring games but I've also had a good proportion of low scoring ones. Really enjoying it anyway, but don't let a bit of positivity spoil the moaning!
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    FLM Player loot boxes @DavoteK this is the future it will pay for your new coffee machine
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    Lev Yashin icon in an electron reward pack
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    Would be interested to see a highly paid footballers reaction to Diodex telling them they haven’t used the correct ; in their squad update
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    Lucky you I got this pookeynoodle.
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    We get it mate, your kick & rush style of football isn't suited to this game. No need to keep going on about it. DOVER DOVER DOVER!
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    The fact that you like it sums it up for me
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    But a disc copy, at least you can trade it in
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    Shame to see you quit the league mate
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    Exclusive to Xbox One X, more processing power!
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    @Chris_Kenny you should sell him to Mo, he'll still be on the game on his squad update.
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    This is the one they asked for folk to send in their best farts to be in the game iirc
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    Im just selling everything and using all i make to re enter. Will keep doing so until i get that marquee pull. Hopefully happens before fifa 19 is out
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    @tommo-uk- you probably spend more time in here complaining about UT than actually playing the thing itself
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    It's what happens when you have Luke & Haley together... ULITIMATE EFFENCY
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    Unless I pack Messi in my WL rewards I'm not bothering again I guarantee there is someone in the world that is in Prison because of this game.
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    @Red Rhinoceros @ninjabean87 Stand down men the misses has found the receipt from last Xmas
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    Behave, I'm much better looking.
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    Talk about a rage inducer Finding the 3rd hole (i think) a bit of a nightmare on this too, didn't learn my lesson after the 1st round and got shafted with the horrendous roll off the pin on the 2nd.
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    Jesus Kenny, talking about adopting scummy tactics to get wins in Weekend League and now researching custom tactics. f**king play the game and stop looking at ways of getting cheap wins. You're 40 going on 18 sometimes.
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    You slag it off yet seem to be the most active in the FUT forum rising.... its like being homophobic but drinking in a gay bar
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    The s**t keepers, that works for both players no? If you've got a s**t keeper, so has the opponent. Where's the issue?
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    Yep. This clubs is unforgiving. Have a weak link, you'll get bummed for it. We had a few weak links
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    I've been and had a p**s during one of my "horror" putts
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    I like a game with a bit of substance, so there's a bit of a learning curve rather than just picking up a controller and playing mindlessly as you steam through on goal pinging goals in from silly places. You used to say the same thing, saying that; you also used to have a slightly different view on Ultimate Team. Silly sticker collection wasn't it Tierney? How much you spend on it last year again? Tierney absolutely corrupted beyond belief by Ultimate Team, a sorry state of affairs.
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    Tbf up this neck of the woods people would say 'Mines'. He just typed it like he speaks. Also it's vaguely upsetting to see Ricky correct someone's English, even if he's right. Especially if he's right.
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    He just scored for me, I'm gonna keep hold of him lads, Sorry!
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    Willing to trade for any Italian league player!
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    Must be such an exciting time for you. Given your complete lack of ability in the market, this must be the only chance you get to upgrade your team! Glad the past 12 months has paid off mate.