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    Both Kings seem to be running away with it. New Rule; Division 1 Members get a 1 goal headstart Division 2 Members get a 2 goal headstart No running scared now Kings
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    My opinion (not that it carries any weight) , but I've only played league players from here in the seasons I was in. I never really had friendlies with top level players but I've heard how good they are. If tommo or @SteveViper were kings with 3 or 4 defences I probably would try win it once and when I was hammered I wouldn't bother again. To much effort to play someone who is so far ahead of you it's unreal and get smashed . Few goals headstart would make it interesting at least . The cream will always rise to the top , that's what the league shows . But this little feature which doesn't matter a whole lot gets everybody involved . It could be seen as a hollow victory but that's mainly because the better players as it shows will bitch and moan and cry because it's unfair and then it's hollow . If they just shut up and said well played and didn't dig the s**t players for being s**t it could just be left as a fun little feature where as it is now it's turned into slagging the crap players off for their headstart .
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    You'd want to have the crown for a least a few hours Anyway, a bit like
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    Funny thing these are supposedly the more "mature" members of FLM. Bunch of old coonts fighting like 15 year olds.
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    More glorious graphics clips. Thus looks sweeetttt
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    As far as I can see your point is 'it's f**king hard'. What in the f**king f**k is valid about that? It makes it far more interesting and if it moves the crown around more that's surely good news, this is nothing more than your toys out of the pram because you didn't get to change your profile picture again
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    I can vouch for this guys. These feelings occurred in his 1st defence as he struggled like f**k to score more than 2 goals against one of the worst players in the league (no offence Mow) Great feature if you're in the party to listen to the rage. Great feature
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    Well played mate unlucky with this one! "people who made this game should be arrested" SteveViper: June 2017
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    This features been going a week? 2 weeks? Already 2 amazing threads
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    What difference does it make ? If your playing a friendly why not put it for title ? literally has no impact what's so ever 🙊🙊
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    So you picked a s**tter to defend against 1st and get turned over
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    I've got a great compromise tbf. Create a second contest, call it Ninjabeans King Of The Hill. No handicaps, and ninjabean stays king whether he wins or loses Then the rest of us can get on with the fun part of this one and he can wear the Poundland crown he's obviously bought himself
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    f**king charming. Why don't you legends of the FIFA world in the top league have your own KOTH so that us s**tters don't ruin it for you with our crappy s**tty styles of play . I'm glad you got beat with your holier than thou attitude .
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    Result: 0-2 Home Team Manager: grumble Franchise: empoli Scorers: Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: nuuthatch Franchise: reading Scorers: mccleary, Germain Clean Sheet: pantilimon Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): mccleary Match Report: two old rivals faced off in this much anticipated match, grumble playing sexy football but not being able to finish off once again was the main cause for concern in this match and I'm sure his girlfriend will agree it's rather frustrating Reading used the space on the wings to good affect. Adomah cut inside and fed the deadly Germain to slot home from 7 yards to take his tally to 3 for the season. empoli cut open reading at every opportunity but through inept finishing and great saves from panty kept the wolves at bay, reading missed a few good opportunities and it wasn't until midway through the second half that Lionel messi mccleary did this whhhhhaaaaaattttt a goooooallllllll and sealed the 3 points pleasure as always @Grumbo see you soon 3 wins out of 3 it feels like Fifa 2015 @Riverman @DiodeX I'm coming for you "it couldn't happen could it" ----
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    "We need something other than league games to keep us going" "We need to level the playing field" King of the Hill with a nice handicap system! "Handicap systems are sh*t" "I'll play Friendlies but im not having an official King Match I might lose and I only just got it"
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    Bit less of a paddling with the alternate teams Handicap 1 1-1 Handicap 2 Handicap 1 0-3 Handicap 2 Handicap 1 2-0 Handicap 2 1 goal! Cheers @Mowgles @RFC Buncey @Revskic @giib @BlondeDan @ninjabean87 @Joe @ShaunC92 @Bumblebee G1, was quite tidy that! Hopefully more of the same next time i'm free. Until then
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    Real victory? It's a game of FIFA lads and a bit of fun. Who gives a f**k if someone has a goal head start.
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    Result: 2-0 Home Team Manager: DiodeX Franchise: Jaguares Scorers: Sua, Koybasi Clean Sheet: Tyton Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): Koybasi Away Team Manager: @Tunners1 Franchise: FC Lorient Scorers: - Clean Sheet: - Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: Wow, 1st win of the season and it was my first game. Defending well and took my chances and was able to actually score! Cheers Tunners.
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    Aye @Mowgles is s**t tho. I mean he was p**s poor on the PS4 so went over to Xbox and is just as bad. Plus he likes to wank while in party chat
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    You're right, I'd beat the c*nt with one hand.
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    2 goal head start in KOTH if you upgrade to it
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    f**k sake lads take a look at yourselves I like the feature. If I can't beat a div 2 s**tter by more than 2 goals I don't deserve the crown.
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    But it may never happen if they don't have the start. Fair play to the div 2 lads who took me on before this came in but none of the games were close, and I wouldn't blame them if they just didn't want to get involved at such long odds Best game I had was against nutty knowing I had to close a 2 goal gap, was way more tense and enjoyable, and he'd have been buzzing if he's held on for sure
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    that's really a surprise. I've never heard ninja moan before
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    Score: Woodscrew won 5-2 or something, gave up counting
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    So I got this, went through the intro and got onto my 1st training mission, killing a man on a boat & walking away unnoticed. Easy enough. So after a few failed attempts as I f**ked up exiting said boat, I finally did it Next thing I know, I'm being told great job! But now let's do it again via a different method to highlight my variety of skills. Turned it off
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    Sunday times 4:30pm - 5:00pm- 5:30pm- 6:00pm- Lukewarm 8pm - 8:30pm - fcumkev 9pm - Pick a time if you want the crown
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    Fernando Forestieri Fixture 4 vs SteveyBhoy
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    LB (never scored for me) screamer to win the game vs @Tunners1
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    Fixture 3 vs Grumbo - Meier Free Kick
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    Fancy losing to @fcumkev9898 Should of had a warm up mate
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    Berty 1 ( Belluschi) Red Rhino 0 Really tight game and my most expensive signing wins it for The King bringing the reign to 8 games in the wee hours ! Great chatting as always Rich
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    Aye, I don't get it either. Building a team on your Todd to ultimately play randoms in silence or Build a team on here & try a plethora of folk out against fellow members whilst in parties. Tough call! Each to their own, but I find FIFA to be a bit s**t if it doesn't include guys on here. Thankfully the majority of Xbox folk are of the same mindset If memory serves me right, the PS3 community was never the most sociable. Maybe now the former 360 guys are realising the error of their next gen cross over, the PS League is just reverting to type.
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    Joe 1-0 @ninjabean87 in the final Champion
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    This is genius I only created this thread for the lols and told rhino I was going to do it as I beat him twice and therefore ( as a lot of wrestling references have been made ) would make me number 1 contender for knocling off the champ in non title matches This feature should be a laugh. If I ever won it id do what Joe did and literally play whoever invited me when I was online til I lost it ( granted that'd only be a game or 2) Love how things escalate here
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    Your a twat He didn't invite you Riverman did He also said he was defending it tomorrow against sofa It was me n sofa in party Rhino joined later sofa left after 2 games myself n Rhino played 1 friendly and your crying assuming i played him for crown You had it lost it 1st defence yet think you should get 1st shot again I was offered a shot think I will take it once he plays sofa What a pointless wank of a thread
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    Result: 1-4 Home Team Manager: @Mowgles Franchise: Man Utd Scorers: Corboda 7' Clean Sheet: - Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: Diodex Franchise: Jaguares Scorers: Sau 51', Kiessling 59' 90', Blanco 68' Clean Sheet: - Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): Sessegnon Match Report: Mowgles took an early lead and I could not break him down at all. Half time, formation change and boom, scoring for fun. Proper unlucky in the second half, nothing fell for you at all. Cheers man. ----
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    if i get mowgles in my club for tonights event ,can we have a 5-0 start please
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    You're such a whiney moany prick over the smallest of things
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    Steve and Masta postponed their game due to 'button lag'
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    Fix 8: v gumbo. Whhhaaaaatttt a goal mccleary
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