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    Wednesday 9th August 2017, 10:43pm Report; Mowgles: Very disappoint. Do better. At everything. Sargie: Loves a blind alley, needs to review playing as RM. Or there could be tears. Jordan: Can’t pass won’t pass. When he does, it’s not pretty. Not a midfielder. Bumblebee: top drawer Amen Raz: Solid. Quicker in possession required. Ninja: Solid showing at CAM. Loves a shot instead of a slot, tut tut. Revs: Striker, lol. Never again. Touch touch touchy. Touch touch toucheroo.
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    My thoughts for this going forward are as follows: 10 rounds in total for Season 1 (we've done 3 so far). Once you hit 7 rounds in a society you can have a 'Major' - not sure what difference it makes though, as most of you know the same doesn't explain things that well , so i'm planning the following; Round 4: Woburn Golf Club - The Marquess Round 5: Firestone CC South Round 6: St Andrews Link - Old Course Round 7: Pebble Beach Round 8: Loch Lomond Golf Club (Rossdhu House) Round 9: TPC Sawgrass Round 10 - Major: Augusta (Magnolia National 1st Ed. i believe its called on this) Season will end here and then I'm going to try and figure out the best way to have a Ryder Cup style tournament on the go between Xbox and PS4 using the course for next years Ryder Cup - Le Golf National As you can already pre-plan a season schedule i will converse with PS4 President @fcumkev9898 about getting this started by the end of the week at the latest. Does that sound alright to everyone? (i've tagged as many people as i know who have the game) @Red Rhinoceros @Tiernobyl @Joe @Berty44 @ThePacFish @Goldenbeard @Riverman @Tunners1 @Nuuthatch @Mr-Masta @Scott-RFC @gregg1991 @Curfish @Gazdavis11 @Hulldolfan @giib @starkefc
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    Forgot to add; Mowgles: Suspect connection. Needs rectifying or could lead to a rapidly escalated rejection.
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    Myself tommo steveviper kev masta RickyT have been playing clubs together for along time . DIV1 would not be a problem for us as we play the game right and don't try and all be maradona's. some of the big failures i see i'll highlight below. If your a CDM then why are you on the edge of the box . ? If your a wide player why are you stood on the pen spot ? If your an upfront partnership why are you 6585ft from each other . ? If your a CAM why are you trying to dribble past 4 defenders and a cdm ,keep the ball moving simple passes ? I play CDM on VFL ps4 11v11 my instructions are dont' cross the halfway line and track strikers runs ,quite simple really . when players follow instructions it makes for a better game and a win becomes more enjoyable . And lastly we all follow /play football we know how the game should be played but give certain individuals a xbox /ps4 controller all that knowledge flies out the window . Anyway good idea davo i'd be happy to take you up on your challenge ,but firstly find a decent non ragey any ,having match tactics etc will go along way to your dream of winning div1
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    Jesus, it's like watching Saved By The Bell: The New Class! Who are these people?
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    Chairfloor Chance for a sweaty and pulled out the thunderb*****d instead. A real man
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    Xbox minks, clubs tonight, Jordan is going to show us how great he is at the easy position CAM. I'm looking forward to this. 9pm onwards. Full room please.
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    Is Jordan a "character"? I hadn't realised
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    Are you actually being serious? Like, what are you expecting to happen? You look at the stats at the end of the game and Davo says "You know what, you're right, you are better than me"? I can see that happening
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    Yeah man I know i bring great comical moments as well as delivery goals and assists when I play clubs. its what makes me a hero.
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    I had a look at who was in the party playing last night and decided against it, too many s**t pookeynoodles.
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    It's not you messaging chair is it ?
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    See, arseyness, and we're not even on the mic
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    Certain players need to practice in smaller teams, learn the basics and use the space. Positioning over possession.
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    Don't want s**t pookeynoodles making me look bad.
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    I don't think you need to take it seriously to do well, just have to not be a total idiot. Our group swaps positions constantly and the only rule is that all volleys must be taken
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    Counter attack from one end of the pitch to the other with Defoe finishing it off. Against @rising star, fixture 18.
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    Result: 4 - 4 Home Team Manager: RobbieM1977 Franchise: Liverpool Scorers: Glushakov 45' Ibarbo 82' Caio 85' Esswein 90' Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: Houdini Franchise: Barcelona Scorers: Szymanowski 6' 14' 35' Torje 88' Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Syzmanowski 9.6 Match Report: Probably the most insane game I've played in any season, Liverpool 3-0 down after 35mins and on the ropes. A goal just before half time gave a little hope but the home side were far from their best, the game really sprung to life in the 82nd min when Ibarbo started the comeback. Caio made it 3-3 Only to see the hardwork undone by giving away a penalty, but there was still time for Esswein to bend one in the top corner in the 90th min to claim an unlikely point. Well played @houdini64 that was some game. Good luck with rest mate
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    Voting closes Friday 4th August at 10PM @ChewieEX16 @Chris_Kenny @Curfish @DJPL @Ellis3377 @fungusking @Gazdavis11 @Kerrgio @Mr-Masta @Rickyt @rising star @Scott-RFC @SteveViper @tommo-uk- @BluenoseDave72 @RFC Buncey @Dom86Gtfc @Geasers77 @houdini64 @Lukewarm1337 @MztikalAce @PALSfocusST @PpJt @RobbieM1977 @starkefc @Steevoo @Tazarr @antsneo @bcoatesy @Beyond The Game @fcumkev9898 @Hammergc @Marc-The-Knife @nantgwyn @Park-Tool @ben91tucker @ScottWales @spragga @Stench @Tailz77 @Bumblebee G1 @Crash151 @doob @Goldenbeard @Gypsymuffin @Joe @Razakel @Revskic @ShaunC92 @Shelbourne @sofarukus @stephbhoy @Tiernobyl @smithers j0nes @ThePacFish @giib @Vondia @Riverman @Wasay95 @Sc0tty84 @payne wales @BlondeDan @Trooper uk @j0rd4n500 @ChairFloor @Mo to the Fo @W00dyinh0 @Superceltic67 @Berty44 @Red Rhinoceros @Tunners1 @Tuggi @Howson JAWZ @DiodeX @Mowgles @ZoSo @Grumbo @Sir Sparktacus @MackemJet @Dell RFC
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    Voting closes Friday 28th July 10PM Just tagging all league members (i think i got them all) to make you aware this thread exists @ChewieEX16 @Chris_Kenny @Curfish @DJPL @Ellis3377 @fungusking @Gazdavis11 @Kerrgio @Mr-Masta @Rickyt @rising star @Scott-RFC @SteveViper @tommo-uk- @BluenoseDave72 @RFC Buncey @Dom86Gtfc @Geasers77 @houdini64 @Lukewarm1337 @MztikalAce @PALSfocusST @PpJt @RobbieM1977 @starkefc @Steevoo @Tazarr @antsneo @bcoatesy @Beyond The Game @fcumkev9898 @Hammergc @Marc-The-Knife @nantgwyn @Park-Tool @ben91tucker @ScottWales @spragga @Stench @Tailz77 @Bumblebee G1 @Crash151 @doob @Goldenbeard @Gypsymuffin @Joe @Razakel @Revskic @ShaunC92 @Shelbourne @sofarukus @stephbhoy @Tiernobyl @smithers j0nes @ThePacFish @giib @Vondia @Riverman @Wasay95 @Sc0tty84 @payne wales @BlondeDan @Trooper uk @j0rd4n500 @ChairFloor @Mo to the Fo @W00dyinh0 @Superceltic67 @Berty44 @Red Rhinoceros @Tunners1 @Tuggi @Howson JAWZ @DiodeX @Mowgles @ZoSo @Grumbo @Sir Sparktacus @MackemJet @Dell RFC
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    What's worse than Grumbo at CDM? Grumbo at any.
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    Posted the next 2 rounds as i'm on holiday from 2morro so at least the info will be there for you lot.
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    Going for a smoke, be back now. Not playing clubs though. O RLY
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    *Trouble signing in* *clicks forgot password* *Signs in* "I am a hacker"
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    Says the guy thats buying Giiblets dented Xbox to actually play Diablo with other FLMers
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    Converging to the ball, exactly. Watch me when I'm playing up front, the amount of runs that I make that creates space for others is mental - the sort of s**t that nobody gives you any credit for either. They are worrying about marking me and there's the space, bang, goal. If players stopped worrying so much about getting the ball and showing how s**t they are then we'd win a lot more games.
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    Tbf, you are a moany pookeynoodle when you say anything and you can't deny that There's always some sort of arseyness in your tone of voice or a proper huff, its rarely said in a banterful fashion and makes people uneasy as a lot of these minks dislike confrontation and are here for a laugh.
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    I remember the ultimate cutback. We cut it back twice and rising walking into empty net and on the goal line cut it back again.
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    Last 3 games, (nearly) top drawer, could've easily won all 3 but @Mowgles was too busy playing at their 3rd CB in the one we didn't, some impressive blocks with the face @Bumblebee G1 except for the couple of lapses where you nodded off... @Razakel very impressive at LM I thought
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    You should have plenty of space after wiping that hard drive
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    Choosing the reserves over first team glory. How very Liverpool of you.
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    Embarassing I have an embarrassing confession to make. Since FIFA Clubs has had seasons mode, I've not been in Division 1, let alone won it. For a player of my caliber that is a travesty. A disgrace. Inclusivivity Personally, I put it down to "inclusive" clubs, where the door is always open to others. This is great for community spirit, top banter etc. But, normally said others are, well, lets say footballingly stunted. That or I play with people who have a different philosophy on how to play the game. Its also quite rare to have the same team a few nights running, due to my inclusive nature and all round good guy personality trait On Trial So all these things conspire to ensure that Division 1 is unachievable. But, Division 1, I demand it. I deserve it. So, I'm putting you all on trial. Turn up, I will be taking notes and creating a dossier on everyone's performances. I will put together the dream team of clubs. Whomever partakes in the succesful quest for the Division 1 title, shall see themselves handsomly rewarded with a share of a 100m bounty. Feel free to put your cases forward for your inclusion, or let your talking be done on the clubs pitch
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    f**k sake even clubs is getting a 'back in my day... Darn new whippersnappers' treatment
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    Speaking of which found this cringey video from 7 years ago @rising star Some glorious goals tbf
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    Wait really? Getting to Division 1 in clubs is something that happens by accident and that noone wants, it's as sweaty as the weekend league We usually make a new club when we get there, and it's hardly good players, we have @Chris_Kenny and @ScottWales involved and I am wank 95% of the time Do you always stick to the one club?
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    Result: 1-2 Home Team Manager: Berty Franchise: Newells Old Boys Scorers: Hassan (52) Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): Derlis Gonzalez Away Team Manager: Payne Wales Franchise: RCD Espanol Scorers: Llorente (22) Abraham (85) Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A Match Report: The Spaniards came and took the 3 points with Tammy Abraham scoring a cracking winner 5 mins before time. He had actually hit the bar 5 mins earlier. Llorente had given Espanol the lead with a cracker and Hassan equalised for Newells shortly after the half with a header. Great game, I failed to create good chances with my possession and paid the price as your boys came good in the end. Good chatting Payne and as always was the way in seasons past we shared the games.
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    Result: 2-5 Home Team Manager: Mowgles Franchise: Manchester United Scorers: Quintero 41", Augustin 51" Clean Sheet: Red Cards: Sulu MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: Nuuthatch Franchise: Reading Scorers: Soto 15", 26", Mgcleary 31", Drinkwater 54", Germain 74" Clean Sheet: n/a Red Cards: n/a MoTM (if applicable): Adomah Match Report: ..... prick well played.
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