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    I think I may need the PS4 version soon :lol:
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    How do you do these races? I cant find them. You sure they are there Craig?
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    The races I've told you about is set at 250k like I've said countless times. You don't bet anything, you select the 250 k race which I posted, you race it, you complete it. You win 250k
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    Loads play on the PS4 :shifty:
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    Why are the messages working and being sent within 0.5 seconds tonight ? :firefirefire:
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    I've Said countless times in here how to do it, what the races are called etc. I can't do the races for you man
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    Works Nights? Is that what we're calling burgling these days? Makes sense actually :lol:
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    Night shift crew assemble! :Rock: Who is it, me, you & Kev? One can dream :drool:
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    Ive been playing it the past few nights, no fucker else does though :fist:
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    When it's snowing you can have snowball fights :lol:
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    Craig any chance of doing a powerpoint prpresentation for these mongs
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    Just snagged one of these :D
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    This looks awful on Mobile version :lol:
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    Bowed to peer pressure and ordered this, delivery tomorrow  :ohyeah:
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    The new cars are shite, just pickup trucks, nothing flash. Did manage to rob a bank van though, 15k all for myself :drool:
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