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  1. The Cutback..

    Don't have spazz hands.
  2. The Cutback..

    If you ain't cutbacking, quit and go play Viva Piñata. PES4, maybe PES5, the keepers were f**ked against it and the defenders would get dragged out of position by certain runs on the rings/byline, which meant that the cutback was a glitch in the game. The cutback is not a glitch in the game anymore. The cutback is basically exposing how s**t you are in defence for allowing it. Now, if its on, score it. If you are playing the same old tired s**t over and over and over and over and thats going for cutbacks, then quit the league, f**k off and play FUT and FUT only and never come back on this forum. Vary your s**t lads. Part of the reason we're on a site like this, no?
  3. Destiny 2 question

    Ones s**t, one is also s**t.
  4. The Division - Back on it

    Yeah, when I was doing a solo run, was like playing against a PvP.
  5. The Division - Back on it

    Don't think so. Know what you're on about though. Gold c*nts everywhere
  6. The Division - Back on it

    Underground is great tbf.
  7. Shadow of war

    Yeah, I don't even know what I'm supposed to do with it, just jump in every now and again, f**k s**t up, die, f**k off and play clubs or something else.
  8. @Howson JAWZ in rage quit shocker. Well played @ZoSo Sort your f**king head out @Howson JAWZ
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2

    In App Purchase.
  10. The Division - Back on it

    On a proper console or that PS4 nonsense?
  11. The Division - Back on it

    Got no time for that s**te Do need help at the moment though, trying to do some of the tougher missions, with just Sargie to help who always runs out of ammo, is not the best
  12. The Division - Back on it

    Tbf, its how the game should have been from the start. It kind of forced you down the route of doing the Dark Zone, if not, it was complete luck if you got anything decent by killing any AI boss characters or running certain missions. Now, you've got all the incursions, resistance, survival, underground and boss characters everywhere. Dark Zone doesn't even need to be looked at.
  13. The Division - Back on it

    Its horrific anyway. You'd literally have to hide behind a rock while someone else did all the killing as it doesn't do any equalising of AI and different level players. Makes it utter wank for guys that have maxed level and guys still levelling up. The quest for level 30 begins.
  14. The Division - Back on it

    Third Person Shoot version of Diablo. Bloody great. Gear sets in the end game, you'll have a field day with.
  15. Red Dead Redemption 2

    And this was when £60 games didn't have the cheek to treat their games like crappy mobile freemium "games". Rockstar will milk f**k out of this, expect it to seep in to the single player.