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  1. Forza 7

    I've tried to set up some races before but it wasn't a great response. That said i cannot play randoms online because they are a bunch of pookeynoodle that just spoil it for me, so if you want to do an hour or so just racing then i can set up the lobby. No championship in mind just a bit of a laugh to gauge response, id much rather player with you guys than go to another forza site
  2. Forza Night - thursday

    Mainly A class, Will just do an hour to gauge interest, will look for a 7.30pm start
  3. Fao Davo / Admin Team - League Wars Discussion

    he may be referring to ongoing, no more events = regulars feeling punishing
  4. Fao Davo / Admin Team - League Wars Discussion

    Fair enough mate
  5. Fao Davo / Admin Team - League Wars Discussion

    I will say it could have been worse because people played last night that don't play clubs. Thought @Goldenbeard was an NFL nut? and he was still playing lg wars. I didn't play on the Thursday but participated in 2 Sundays which is still a lot for me because i'm up early hours on Monday. I chose not to play on Thursday because i didn't like the event and though it was a f**king mess, So i played Forza instead and had an early night.
  6. XB1+PS4 Clubs LW Info

    If it doesnt happen in 5 ill jump in quick and captain
  7. XB1 - Clubs LW Sign Up

  8. Xbox LW RED CARD Sign Up

  9. FUT18

    Doesnt make sense, what is WL standing for now?
  10. FUT18

    Final of the weekend league? On a tuesday..
  11. Forza 7

    I'm not so much of a fan of Dubai & Rio just yet, ive hardly raced them. I love the gp tracks Hockenheim, Monza & Barcelona. have you gone in to the multiplayer hoppers?
  12. Forza 7

    ref. The mod crates, turns out its not as bad as people thought. Ive stuck to the 50k crates, with the variance of mod cards you stand to make 70+ from the races. Anyway, who's up for a closed event?
  13. Xbox Group A

    Aye and you mate
  14. Xbox Group A

    Woody 3 - 2 toffduff