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  1. good luck
  2. You motherf**kers I am amazing ..Ly poop!
  3. Diarra x2 sorry.
  4. Thank you! I thank you too!
  5. Yes it was 4-2 Papadopolous with the fourth, can someon edit that in? @Geasers77 possibly?
  6. Absolutely pointless! Not one player over 73 or have i heard of them before.
  7. Result: 2-2 Home Team Manager: woodyinho Franchise: blackburn rovers Scorers: charles & bailey Clean Sheet: nil Red Cards: nil MoTM (if applicable): nil Away Team Manager: @DRlFT3R Franchise: stade rennais Scorers: diarra Clean Sheet: nil Red Cards: nil MoTM (if applicable): diarra Match Report: Another game where i should have held on but lost to a 35 yarder from a centrehalf in the 90th! Awesome . ----
  8. Result: 4-2 Home Team Manager: woodyinho Franchise: blackburn rovers Scorers: Emre Mor x2 & Maher, Papadopaplous Clean Sheet: nil Red Cards: manquillo MoTM (if applicable): papadopaplous Away Team Manager: chairfloor Franchise: gif sundvall Scorers: sims & arrons Clean Sheet: nil Red Cards: reed & kacat MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: No report, just highlights
  9. Buncy 0 -2 woody
  10. This acceptable @Shelbourne? I will play under juve tonight.
  11. Yeah well played mate
  12. Result: 2-2 Home Team Manager: woody Franchise: blackburn rovers Scorers: emre mor and charles Clean Sheet: no Red Cards: no MoTM (if applicable): no Away Team Manager: giib Franchise: olimpio Scorers: belhanda and fernando Clean Sheet: no Red Cards: no MoTM (if applicable): fernando Match Report: Very much a game of two halves 1st half all blackburn, emre mor breaking throught to intercept a poor pass in olipmios defence with a lovely finish. Then step up langerak to pull of some impressing hollywood saves to deny blackburn until he passes it short from a goal kick. The ball goes straight to charles whos has positoned himself between the keeper and the defender just in time to intercept and lob langerak at his back post. Ht 2-0 blackburn Second was mostly giib pushing until he had his breakthrough, maietta had been deemed to foul mounier in the box and the referee awarded the penalty much to the disbelief of the home fans. From then on in it was back and forth but on one of the attacks the ball fell to fernando just outside the box, he then laced a beauty which probably would have been saved but again it was maietta amongst it who deflected the ball past the blackburn keeper to make it 2 - 2. I am the king of Drawing games
  13. Oh i know this, ive scrutinsed the rules. I was under the imlression you had lost it and wanted to challenge your conqueeerer
  14. Im not sure if this has been cleared up, to much poodying in this thread