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  1. Your favorite players you've used

    Looks like everyone loves a slag
  2. Your favorite players you've used

    Yeah Vardy's immense on FIFA. Amazing pace and quality finishing.
  3. Your favorite players you've used

    Had Bernard for a bit but found myself just trying to take on the whole team with him expecting him to never lose the ball. Had to move him on in the end.
  4. The Cutback..

    My team and formation is basically set up to cut back. Pacey wingers with one striker. But I don't think I've ever done a cutback in the leagues here. Rinse f**k out of them in seasons though. Not sure why I don't, always one to enjoy the abuse tbh. Might have to start getting them out seeing as I'm in the prem now With the whole stand by the defender for goal kicks I always do it in seasons against randoms and find myself doing it in league games more out of habit than anything. Never put defenders on the line for free kicks in FIFA 18 though. If you manage to score a free kick fair play to ya, you deserve the goal in this version.
  5. Your favorite players you've used

    Enjoyed Immobile while I had him. Also like Adrian Ramos now, even though I'm a couple of seasons late to the party his finishing is still immense.
  6. Fixture 29: ShaunC92 vs Joe - [Confirmed]

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  15. Fixture 15: Jordan vs Geasers - [Confirmed]

    @Jakey Fantastic This fixture doesn't seem to exist in Joom Sport. Any ideas?