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  1. Voting closes Friday 4th August at 10PM @ChewieEX16 @Chris_Kenny @Curfish @DJPL @Ellis3377 @fungusking @Gazdavis11 @Kerrgio @Mr-Masta @Rickyt @rising star @Scott-RFC @SteveViper @tommo-uk- @BluenoseDave72 @RFC Buncey @Dom86Gtfc @Geasers77 @houdini64 @Lukewarm1337 @MztikalAce @PALSfocusST @PpJt @RobbieM1977 @starkefc @Steevoo @Tazarr @antsneo @bcoatesy @Beyond The Game @fcumkev9898 @Hammergc @Marc-The-Knife @nantgwyn @Park-Tool @ben91tucker @ScottWales @spragga @Stench @Tailz77 @Bumblebee G1 @Crash151 @doob @Goldenbeard @Gypsymuffin @Joe @Razakel @Revskic @ShaunC92 @Shelbourne @sofarukus @stephbhoy @Tiernobyl @smithers j0nes @ThePacFish @giib @Vondia @Riverman @Wasay95 @Sc0tty84 @payne wales @BlondeDan @Trooper uk @j0rd4n500 @ChairFloor @Mo to the Fo @W00dyinh0 @Superceltic67 @Berty44 @Red Rhinoceros @Tunners1 @Tuggi @Howson JAWZ @DiodeX @Mowgles @ZoSo @Grumbo @Sir Sparktacus @MackemJet @Dell RFC
  2. Round 3 - Turnberry Ailsa Course - Starts July 30th to Aug 4th Setup Rounds: 4 Tees: White Pins: Round 1 - 1, Round 2 - 2, Round 3 - 3, Round 4 - 4 Buy In: 500 coins, split 50/50 between Society and Round (helps build the Society up) Handicaps: Enabled Extra Info Xbox One President: @ninjabean87 - The only person who can accept people into the society to enter the tournament PS4 Society President: @fcumkev9898 - The only person who can accept people into the society to enter the tournament Society Name: FLM Clubhouse (same for both XB1 + PS4)
  3. Same in Sainsbury's too
  4. There's a huge difference in mic quality which is why I don't use it for online gaming with others. Plus the spastic controller is gay as f**k
  5. None as far as I know, but they are miles better single player games than the pish MS put out
  6. That's the only thing the PS4 has over Xbox, exclusives. Everything else is utter garbage
  7. Doesn't mention anything about extras
  8. Yeah just got it £50 a year
  9. If anyone is interested in picking this up you can get it for £18 at
  10. Good job it's not included then
  11. Season 1's Final Rounds details: Round 4 - Turnberry Ailsa Course - July 30th to Aug 4th White tees Handicap on Round 5 - Firestone CC South (Harvest) - Aug 5th to Aug 9th White tees Handicap on Round 6 - St Andrews Links Old Course - Aug 10th to Aug 14th White tees Handicap on Round 7 - Pebble Beach - Aug 15th to Aug 19th White tees Handicap on Round 8 - Loch Lomond Golf Club Rossdhu House - Aug 20th to Aug 24th White tees Handicap on Round 9 - TPC at Sawgrass - Aug 25th to Aug 29th Blue tees Handicap on Round 10 - Magnolia National 1st Ed - Aug 30th to Sep 3rd White tees Handicap on Event Type - Major (not sure what difference it makes but we’ll find out) Had to make a few changes as some courses weren't listed for handicaps. The Xbox lads will find that all of these have been added to the schedule already. PS4 lads, Kev will be sorting them over the next couple of days all kicking off this Sunday
  12. My copy should be here 2moro but just realised Diablo is free to play this weekend on XB1 so have set it away to download
  13. Wasn't just my mic, buttons flew off the pad the lot f**king s**t FIFA'ness dropping another 2 points against you, same s**t again
  14. that any good?
  15. Always wanted to play Just Cause 3