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  1. Scripted
  2. It's easier to tag everyone than having to work out who has voted already
  3. I can't seem to tag anymore people i must of reached a limit
  4. Hey PS4 Prem, have you voted? @ChewieEX16 @Chris_Kenny @Curfish @DJPL @Ellis3377 @fungusking @Gazdavis11 @Kerrgio @Mr-Masta @Rickyt @rising star @Scott-RFC @SteveViper @tommo-uk- Hey PS4 Div 1, have you voted? @BluenoseDave72 @RFC Buncey @Dom86Gtfc @Geasers77 @houdini64 @Lukewarm1337 @MztikalAce @PALSfocusST @PpJt @RobbieM1977 @starkefc @Steevoo @Tazarr @antsneo Hey PS4 Div 2, have you voted? @bcoatesy @Beyond The Game @fcumkev9898 @Hammergc @Marc-The-Knife @nantgwyn @Park-Tool @ben91tucker @ScottWales @spragga @Stench @Tailz77 Hey Xbox Prem, have you voted? @Bumblebee G1 @Crash151 @doob @Goldenbeard @Gypsymuffin @Joe @Razakel @Revskic @ShaunC92 @Shelbourne @sofarukus @stephbhoy @Tiernobyl @smithers j0nes @ThePacFish
  5. ninja 3 - 5 joe
  6. Ninjabean 9 - 0 Riverman. Pointless f**king game
  7. Ninja 1 - 0 Rhino
  8. team: Barcelona
  9. Woeked for me earlier, might be useful for some on here with kids
  10. Ah yeah, being it was my actual birthday then
  11. Forgot to put the times of the goals in: Diop - 30 Piatti - 3
  12. I'm f**ked
  13. Result: Ninjabean 1 - 1 @Shelbourne Home Team Manager: Ninjabean Franchise: Middlesbrough Scorers: Diop Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Diop Away Team Manager: Shelbourne Franchise: Newcastle Scorers: Piatti Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: The cleanest game of FIFA i think i've ever played, 3 fouls in the whole game Well played Shel
  14. Unlucky man, like you said, both could of easily won it
  15. Well played man, you probably deserved a win given the chances you had compared to me but I'll happily take a draw