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  1. Result: 1-5 Home Team Manager: Ninjabean Franchise: Middlesbrough Scorers: Hubner 15' Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: @Bumblebee G1 Franchise: Jonkopings Scorers: Volland 31' 34' 51', Dolberg 45', Forestieri 72' Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Volland Match Report: Bum touched here. Started well enough until Bumble's first goal went in then it just went downhill
  2. Fixture 12: Tiernobyl v Ninjabean - [Confirmed]

    Where's the goal replay T? Felt bad with the OG that pulled me level before me taking the lead. Went to level it right at the end. 3 yards out with Heaton to blast in the net, as soon as the ball left his foot the ref blew for full time
  3. Forza Horizon 3 "Official" Thread

    It’s now available in 4K and HDR
  4. Xbox live 6 months £12.49

    I managed to get a year for £26 last week as my one had expired
  5. Wrap Your Meaty Paws...

    i never spent much time with the duke being quite late to the xbox party but it was lovely
  6. PUBG

    I will be online from about 730 doing various things
  7. PUBG

    Yea I drop the pistol as soon as I get a decent weapon
  8. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    Considering g you can get it for about £15 I would
  9. PUBG

    jump in the party bud
  10. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    I'm still up for playing lads, just havent had the time to look at courses
  11. S14: GOTM December Voting

    I would do the same if I could vote
  12. Burnout Paradise - Remastered

    Better? I wouldn’t say so. Crash mode was awesome but Paradise raised the bar for a casual car game
  13. Burnout Paradise - Remastered

    OH WONT YOU PLEASE TAKE ME HOME Rumoured for a March release, what a f**king game it was as well. If it gets the full 4K/HDR treatment i'm all over it
  14. EA's Anthem

    You would hope they'd learn from mistakes, but until they're banned across the board they'll find a way to make the $$$$ Looks great though
  15. PUBG

    Probably by 9