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  1. Destiny 2

    Cayde’s treasures are pointless after 265 too
  2. Destiny 2

    You only get those in nightfall and raid don’t you?
  3. Destiny 2

    Think it’s more to do with party sizes, you jump on, you’re in s party with your mrs and mate, bumble is the same, then there’s only say 2 more playing. Don’t have enough or the levellings for the raid or nightfall. Public event after public event is pointless now at 265, before hand not so bad as I was going up
  4. FIFA 18 EA Access

    When is Club Number 2 starting?
  5. Destiny 2

    Haven’t done the raid, done last weeks nightfall not this weeks.
  6. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Highlight of the night was defo Dell going mental at T. The RAGE was strong
  7. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Scored more as a winger than a striker Its hard making the adjustment from 90 rated pro to a @sargie13
  8. FUT18

    A gold pack and got some minky Russian s**tter
  9. FIFA 18 EA Access

  10. FIFA 18 EA Access

    You aren’t allowed an opinion mate, its the internet
  11. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Tbf it’s not about making it p**s easy to defend, its about making a game where you can actually defend there’s severe lag in the standing tackle and almost no reaction from defenders which gives attackers a head start on the chase. But nobody is interested in 1-0 games I guess, they all want goalfests with all 10 goals scored by rainbow flicking past a million players, a quick roulette before a million keepy ups and volleying it home from 40 yards. YouTube likes.
  12. FIFA 18 EA Access

    I’m just getting used to the mechanics
  13. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Might need to keep PES after all with that horror show tonight f**king horrendous
  14. FIFA 18 EA Access

    He told me he had a sore throat earlier so wouldn't be "speaking much", in other terms, try hard mode
  15. FIFA 18 EA Access

    End of the world mate