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  1. FUT18

    Initally started with 3412 but switched to 532 after getting fed up of conceding so many on the break. Quite like sterling at rwb but will change him and get baillynin for smalling eventually i think.
  2. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    @rising star Have you added the third event yet? Nothing showing in clubhouse on season schedule bud.
  3. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    Sent the request mate. Give me a shout when you've accepted and I'll pop on to get the rounds done
  4. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    Ahh ok mate. Will probably have to give the first event a miss, assumed id have tomorrow aswell Will send as soon as i can.
  5. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    @rising star Whats the PS4 clubhouse name? Returned from Hol last night so will try squeeze the first event in and if not that one join in on the second one.
  6. PS1 Games.

    Few others ive got in the loft, Ready to rumble boxing(originally had it for dreamcast and found a ps1 version at a carboot)tekken, command and conquer red alert , sega rally, spyro and time crisis
  7. PS1 Games.

    Destruction Derby
  8. Fixture 25: BluenoseDave vs DOM - [Confirmed]

    Yeah decent game that. Pretty disappointed i couldnt come away with anything but enjoyed it nonetheless mate. All the best for the run in mate.
  9. Result: (Tonii) Barnet 1-4 West Ham (Dom) Home Team Manager: Tonii Fifa Franchise: Barnet Scorers: Caicedo Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: Dom-86-GTfC Franchise: West Ham Scorers: Montero x2, Jean x2 Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Montero 10.0 Match Report: Decent game tbf and if it wasnt for Ospina it could have been 4-4. Unlucky @antsneo had plenty of chances they just didnt go in mate. All the best for the run in man.
  10. Fixture 22: Dom vs PPJT - [Confirmed]

    Aye. Lovely volley that was mate. Well played bud.
  11. The Golf Club 2

    Yeah you can select between standard, player or tour. Tour being the clubs that go the furthest but are the most sensitive when it comes to the swing and Standard being the shortest with a fair bit of leeway with the swing sensitivity. You can change which one you use in the edit golfer menus, i think under edit clubs. Can also chop and change which individual clubs ie Woods/irons/wedges you want in your bag too from a selection in the edit golfer menu.
  12. TGC2 - FLM Tour Round 4: Turnberry Ailsa Course

    Its fairly easy to tell whose using what in the society. Driving averages pretty much give that away.
  13. TGC2 - FLM Tour Round 4: Turnberry Ailsa Course

    I think the carry on the tour ones is 285yds compared to 265 on the player and 245 on the standard. Didnt even manage to get on on the fairway to see how far the ball could go when i tried the tour ones though
  14. TGC2 - FLM Tour Round 4: Turnberry Ailsa Course

    What clubs does everyone use? Im using the player ones(middle ones) tried the tour ones and gave up after shanking my first three drives . Tried the standard ones but didnt find them to be that little too forgiving. Would be half decent if i could manage to putt, still cant get to grips with it fully especially the downhillers. Great game though much prefer it to Rory. 3x over par plus one random 66 in the third round for me this time out.
  15. Yeah decent game this mate enjoyed it wp