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  1. Result: (Tonii) Barnet 1-4 West Ham (Dom) Home Team Manager: Tonii Fifa Franchise: Barnet Scorers: Caicedo Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: Dom-86-GTfC Franchise: West Ham Scorers: Montero x2, Jean x2 Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Montero 10.0 Match Report: Decent game tbf and if it wasnt for Ospina it could have been 4-4. Unlucky @antsneo had plenty of chances they just didnt go in mate. All the best for the run in man.
  2. Aye. Lovely volley that was mate. Well played bud.
  3. Yeah you can select between standard, player or tour. Tour being the clubs that go the furthest but are the most sensitive when it comes to the swing and Standard being the shortest with a fair bit of leeway with the swing sensitivity. You can change which one you use in the edit golfer menus, i think under edit clubs. Can also chop and change which individual clubs ie Woods/irons/wedges you want in your bag too from a selection in the edit golfer menu.
  4. Its fairly easy to tell whose using what in the society. Driving averages pretty much give that away.
  5. I think the carry on the tour ones is 285yds compared to 265 on the player and 245 on the standard. Didnt even manage to get on on the fairway to see how far the ball could go when i tried the tour ones though
  6. What clubs does everyone use? Im using the player ones(middle ones) tried the tour ones and gave up after shanking my first three drives . Tried the standard ones but didnt find them to be that little too forgiving. Would be half decent if i could manage to putt, still cant get to grips with it fully especially the downhillers. Great game though much prefer it to Rory. 3x over par plus one random 66 in the third round for me this time out.
  7. Yeah decent game this mate enjoyed it wp
  8. Yeah well played mate. Scorcher of a free kick to win it bud can't complain about that one! All the best Buncey.
  9. 10 or later makes it easier for me mate if that's any good?
  10. Sunday evening a bit later on? I think I could get on mate.
  11. Gonna have to cancle tonight mate only fonna get time for the one game. Little ones arent very well
  12. You about tonight mate? Got Buncey at 10 in league but can play after that
  13. You were on a different level mate, running rings round me out wide. No excuses from me, outplayed from start to finish.
  14. 20 of the worst fifa minites ive played. Up there with the 5-1 defeat to Ellis a few seasons back when he did the same. Ripped apart. Well played Geas smashed me. Ill give you 3 of the goals the other i could t do anything about as my son decided to kick off and i couldnt see the screen