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  1. tommorow night from 8 should be good mate. Maybe even tonight but not promising anything
  2. Taz 3-0 Payne wales unlucky bud
  3. FUT18

    I lost 8 in a row and 2 were fair enough , just played well against me the others though were 60-40 possesion at least with 15-20 shots against 3-5 shots. was losing anything from 2-0. To 5-1. Then started handing out spankings again , really weird set up this year , lacks a bit of consitency. Them laser guided through balls no danger , no danger all covered , fk sake its hit the exact blade of grass it needed to
  4. FUT18

    I take it all back absolutely rancid , my confidence has been shattered
  5. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Found defending to be exactly the same as the other fifas. pace is a bit more dominant in this one , but not too different to the other versions. few mice touches added but ino where near enough to warrant a full price game. £15 tops for this game if you own 17
  6. FUT18

    My first goal in fut 18 was a dirty dirty cutback. wasnt having any issues defending untill 2 up and then players just started walking through. another shameful cut back saw him off though
  7. FIFA 18 ratings

    None of mine sited yet
  8. Very true andreas the Utd youth
  9. Result: 2-3 Home Team Manager: Tazarr Franchise: Colon Scorers: Pereira , Miranchuk Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: @Geasers Franchise: Swansea City Scorers: Babacar x3 Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Babacar Match Report: ---- The dream ended for Colon as they were outplayed by the swans. Colon had the early possesion but couldnt unluck a well organised defence and were caught out with the first attack and went one down. Swansea kicked on from here and went two up and created numerous chances but couldnt add to the lead as Colon scavenged in for half time. Pereira pulled one back , Mahi hit the post and on 80 mins Miranchuk levelled. Colon almost took the lead around 87 but the players chested the ball and took a touch instead of applying a very simple header , from this scare Swansea went clean through in the 89th and Babacar calmy finished his hattrick. Its the prem for Colon next season so quite fitting to end this as the next will start well played @Geasers , completely deserved as dreams were shattered. A pleasure chatting as allways.
  10. Fixture 18: MztikalAce vs Tazaar - [Confirmed]

    Confirmed good tense game from start to finish. All the best for the remainder.
  11. the rape was hard wp
  12. Feel free to pump buncey twice too , it would be well received
  13. Result: 5-2 Home Team Manager: Tazarr Franchise: Colon Scorers: Miranchuk x 3 , Mahi , Pererira Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Miranchuk Away Team Manager: @antsneo Franchise: Barnet Scorers: Caicedo , Sako Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: Extremely open game that could have finished 6-6 , lucky to come out of this with the points. Some good goals and near misses with Barnet hitting the woodwork numerous times. Unlucky here mate , all the best for the final push
  14. Confirmed well played