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  1. This thread was mental . Didn't turtle zed get sectioned because of it
  2. Jakeys goal is awesome. You can almost feel what it would feel like in real life to make a connection like that
  3. Thanks anyway but I'm not into racing really
  4. Confirmed sorry . I am turd . Really need a 5* skiller to turn my form around
  5. Best part of the site for me
  6. Change your name to Kingslayer
  7. All the more reason to post it
  8. Yeah good laugh on the mic . Might have to cancel my house Netflix subscription tho
  9. Result: 2-1 Home Team Manager: Nantgwyn Franchise: Young Boys Scorers: E.Sala 22' , D.Torres 26' Clean Sheet: - Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): V Ibisevic Away Team Manager: ScottWales Franchise: QPR Scorers: H.Robson-Kanu 5' Clean Sheet: - Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): - Match Report: I'll start off by saying that the winner was a cutback . I spent most of the time defending and living on the edge tho . Hes a class player . Hopefully i can add a few more wins this season @ScottWales
  10. Never watched this before but has there been any mention of the game The Hunter : Call of the wild release date
  11. He's got a lot of class that guy
  12. That's the problem with you top level players . Always disappointed about something
  13. I have no idea of your skill level revs . I take it your top drawer
  14. My opinion (not that it carries any weight) , but I've only played league players from here in the seasons I was in. I never really had friendlies with top level players but I've heard how good they are. If tommo or @SteveViper were kings with 3 or 4 defences I probably would try win it once and when I was hammered I wouldn't bother again. To much effort to play someone who is so far ahead of you it's unreal and get smashed . Few goals headstart would make it interesting at least . The cream will always rise to the top , that's what the league shows . But this little feature which doesn't matter a whole lot gets everybody involved . It could be seen as a hollow victory but that's mainly because the better players as it shows will bitch and moan and cry because it's unfair and then it's hollow . If they just shut up and said well played and didn't dig the s**t players for being s**t it could just be left as a fun little feature where as it is now it's turned into slagging the crap players off for their headstart .