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  1. Same . The enemies in the level are piece if p**s to avoid or kill. Basically just need to decide if your going to get every single coin or blast through to the boss
  2. Couldn't pick a worse guy to rally the troops
  3. 4 horsemen of the apocalypse more like
  4. clubs sounds great fun
  5. More likely to be lurking at the under 11's game
  6. How the f**k you get in the team then
  7. whats happening here?
  8. Kids these days get taught internet security stuff. My boys 7 and had lots of people coming in discussing internet safety . Parents were invited aswell to learn
  9. It's not you messaging chair is it ?
  10. I played the old sonic recently and I got bored after 5 mins. Used to love it as a kid tho
  11. i can vouch for this . Lost a s**t-tonne of weight when i got this
  12. Im a couple of rounds away from getting a handicap
  13. When he's a member of the territorial army
  14. What happened to it
  15. have a cookie