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  1. FAO UT Gayers

    Should just buy coins .
  2. The Hunter Call of the wild

    Got this yesterday . Graphics are amazing and the sheer size of the map is mental. Might not be everyone's cup of tea tho
  3. FIFA 18 news

    As if things couldn't get any worse for you Nightmare
  4. Fifa 18 Ronaldo Edition - PS4 Help

    "your mate"
  5. FIFA 18 - Mixed Race Ref

    What ethnicity has green arms ?
  6. COD - World War II

    You in Xbox or ps4 these days?
  7. COD - World War II

    When's the release date
  8. COD - World War II

    Pregnant ?
  9. Sonic Mania

    Same . The enemies in the level are piece if p**s to avoid or kill. Basically just need to decide if your going to get every single coin or blast through to the boss
  10. PS4 Clubs

    Couldn't pick a worse guy to rally the troops
  11. PS4 Clubs

    4 horsemen of the apocalypse more like
  12. FC DavoteK: Trial Reports

    clubs sounds great fun
  13. PS4 Clubs

    More likely to be lurking at the under 11's game
  14. PS4 Clubs

    How the f**k you get in the team then
  15. Non title matchups

    whats happening here?