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  1. FUT18

    I know you don’t mate
  2. FUT18

    Your not playing it your paying it
  3. FUT18

    He’s got a long way to go to catch me.
  4. FUT18

    You’ve said that at least 73 times in this thread
  5. FUT18

    All I play now is clubs and like you will be all over UFC.
  6. FUT18

    That’s ridiculous packing all those How much did you have to spend to get those?
  7. FUT18

    A bit of FIFA
  8. FUT18

    David Meyler needs to get a grip of his life.
  9. Ufc 3

  10. FUT18

    Kids are eating bread and water whilst Kenny is bathing in TOTY Fifa Cards
  11. FUT18

    £120! Dont you have a family
  12. FUT18

    I’m telling you mate that phase of streaming himself playing fifa wasn’t for nothing! He’s a YouTube sensation under a different alias.
  13. FUT18

    I bet he plays so well, such a dream boat.
  14. FUT18

    I’m near Glasgow now, where does he live?
  15. Clubs

    This. If the glitch was in FUT it would be sorted straight away. Nob heads