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  1. FUT18

    His lovely
  2. FUT18

    Costa worth acquiring was saving up for Kdb but tempted for Icon
  3. FUT18

    KDB 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
  4. FUT18

    Dempsey 78 rated best player in my 2 free packs this morning ha f**k off like
  5. That result should have stayed with us
  6. FUT18

    Is it 6 tonight when new Icons league challenges will be released ? I’ve 5/7 for Overmars done but prices seem to have raised a lot so might be worth holding back for a week or so ?
  7. Craig's MM tip

    Ya I’ve 3 sitting on my transfer pile
  8. FUT18

    Started the Overmars one last night, did the first 4 fairly easy as had majority of players in my club, skinned now so will have to do a bit of saving before I finish it off
  9. Wed Night LW replacement event

    Why am I tagged
  10. FUT18

    Should be SBC where you need one of them so I’d hold on
  11. FUT18

    Got Deulofeu not bad
  12. FUT18

    main reason why I haven’t done it as I no I’ll get him or Kluivert or Damme
  13. XB1+PS4 Clubs LW Info

    @Rickyt @BluenoseDave72 @Chris_Kenny @ScottWales @Crickymc14 Jump into “ Geasers Army” be 3 mins
  14. XB1+PS4 Clubs LW Info

    No we do the one bud
  15. XB1+PS4 Clubs LW Info

    Sorry we had picked teams already, @Rickyt will be captain