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  1. Result confirmed Well played pal and good luck with season
  2. Result: 0 - 2 Home Team Manager: Payne wales Franchise: espanyol Scorers: Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: @Trooper uk Franchise: karabukspor Scorers: Arango. Ruben Clean Sheet: ozcan Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Arango Match Report: 2 early 1st half goal were enough for troops to take the points. Nothing seam to work or go espanyol way And the better team won Well played trooper pal and good luck with rest of season
  3. Result: 2 - 4 Home Team Manager: @Wasay95 Franchise: V. Setubal Scorers: zeca 44. Caiuby 84. Clean Sheet: no Red Cards: no MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: Payne wales Franchise: espanyol Scorers: Mendes 10. Fer 40. Moreno 71.88 Clean Sheet: no Red Cards: no MoTM. Gerard Moreno Match Report: Espanyol took the lead Ryan Mendes drove forward and entered the box and shot for 1-0 Get added a 2nd shrugging off the defender and shot through the legs of gk 2-0. Zeca pulled a goal back on stroke of half time assembe made a mistake chucking ball out to a setubal player who one pass to zeca and goal 1-2 H/T 2nd half sub Gerard Moreno put some breathing space between the seams adding a 3rd for espanyol slotting in a rebound from a Rolan shot. Caiuby pulled another back 6 min from time dribbling in from the wing and slotted past assembe for 2-3 Moreno add his 2nd espanyol 4th to seal the win on 88 minRolan picking him out in centre of box and he kept his cool to side foot in for 2-4 Well played pal was a great game to play both teams going for it Good luck with rest of season pal
  4. Got to be in the click now
  5. Result confirmed Well played pal
  6. Shaun 3 -1 Payne 3-2 agg Late 3rd saw crown change hands Well played @ShaunC92
  7. @Tunners1 @ShaunC92 up 1st tonight after 10pm No set time incase I'm in lge games Will see how they go b4 arranging any more
  8. Result confirmed Well played Dan mate And good luck with rest if season Catch you again soon for friendly
  9. Your done Did he invite you to party like you said NO Did he say he arranged to play sofa tonight YES He only been on 15 min and your pathetic little party are throwing hissy fits This thread been created to stir up s**t
  10. Your a twat He didn't invite you Riverman did He also said he was defending it tomorrow against sofa It was me n sofa in party Rhino joined later sofa left after 2 games myself n Rhino played 1 friendly and your crying assuming i played him for crown You had it lost it 1st defence yet think you should get 1st shot again I was offered a shot think I will take it once he plays sofa What a pointless wank of a thread
  11. Get in line O wait you proved you ain't fit to wear the crown
  12. No need to explain Unless your rattled
  13. So you picked a s**tter to defend against 1st and get turned over
  14. No can do Don't get on till 10pm