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  1. FUT18

    I've had an outfield player pull off amazing saves before now in that, was stupid The game did that to me in a WL match last weekend. Had the ball in the middle of the field and my player decided to play a stupid pass 10 yards towards my own goal. Conceded straight from it.
  2. FUT18

    You could say exactly the same about any player in the game, its all made up stats
  3. FUT18

    Sell tbf, buy other players.
  4. FUT18

    Think I'll keep mine back as well. Only want Sessegnon from the TotW
  5. FUT18

    I got that IF Brighton winger out of the packs. Thought it was someone better when the boards dropped
  6. FUT18

    I did the same, 10k for a CB
  7. Burnout Paradise - Remastered

  8. FUT18

    This a PS4 thing? I've had f**k all
  9. FUT18

    Anyone who pauses it to switch to that stupid 4-1-2-1-2 narrow formation, I just go defensive myself and keep the ball for as long as possible while working it through them. They get fed up eventually
  10. FUT18

    Might be worth my time getting him and the SBC Giovinco, would work well with the 91 Pirlo
  11. FUT18

    I didn't get very far.
  12. FUT18

    I picked up Kroos and Ter Stegen, not too bad.
  13. What game are you currently playing?

    I started Deus Ex: Mankind Divided at the weekend. Enjoying it so far, fairly similar to the first reboot they brought out for the series.
  14. FUT18

    I had Van Der Sar
  15. FUT18

    Not just me who got that guy then