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  1. FUT18

    Lost a game earlier because the servers decided to chuck me out of the game after I clicked quit match at the end. Gave me a DNF instead of the win I just played. Very helpful Strootman is the best midfielder I've used so far, he's amazing.
  2. FUT18

    I tend to play 2 games with a team at most then switch and regain fitness.
  3. COD - World War II

    Haven't had much lag in the games themselves, but I seem to get booted out of servers as soon as the game finishes. Bit annoying when you don't get the wins counting towards the weekly objectives
  4. FUT18

    I really don't get the people who play Jesus, Rashford etc at CAM, never seems to be effective in the game. Then again I'm using 4-3-3 with a holding mid and sweeping up through balls most of the time
  5. FUT18

    I got to 18 with 8 left to play. Lost the next 6 games, felt like my players were all stupid and couldn't do a thing and kept conceding those terrible penalties where you don't even control the player
  6. COD - World War II

    I'm happy enough keeping my KD at about 1, can't get near some of these people. Sometimes I walk round a corner and die before I even see the person
  7. FUT18

    IF Jesus if he's not stupidly expensive.
  8. COD:WW2 - Sunday Night

    Same as others for me, can't make Sundays due to NFL. Be up for a Friday.
  9. COD - World War II

    Same, I've gotten so bad compared to some of the people playing this.
  10. COD - World War II

    There's a 10GB day one patch out as a heads up. That surprised me this morning
  11. FIFA 18 news

    Explains why my tackles are also s**t Noticed last night that the driven passes seem a lot weaker, almost to the point where they are useless. The stupid backwards passes have been toned down too.
  12. FUT18

    I did the 3 easy ones with players from my club, got Muller in one of them. Might go do the Danish one when the prices calm down a bit, if they do.
  13. What game are you currently playing?

    Gone back to XCOM 2 after the release of the War of the Chosen DLC.
  14. FUT18

    I got Dzeko in mine, hardly setting the world on fire
  15. COD - World War II

    Doing it tonight/weekend