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  1. Result: 3-1 Home Team Manager: Goldenbeard Franchise: Wolfsburg Scorers: Benedetto, Werner, Whelan Clean Sheet: n/a Red Cards: n/a MoTM (if applicable): Hughes Away Team Manager: @ShaunC92 Franchise: Shamrock Rovers Scorers: Sahan Clean Sheet: n/a Red Cards: n/a MoTM (if applicable): n/a Match Report: Wolfsburg started fast with Hughes playing a lovely ball down the channel for Werner to slot home on 2 minutes. Wolfsburg stayed in control and doubled their lead after 28 minutes with a great run from Benedetto and an equally great finish from the edge of the area. Second half Rovers changed it up a bit and the game took on a more scrappy feel. This is exactly what Rovers needed, though, and on 77 minutes Sahan got on the end of his own blocked shot to neatly finish past Casteels. Their hope was short lived, however, as Glenn Whelan had a rare foray forward and smashed one in to the far corner with his left foot from just inside the area. This effectively killed the game and Wolfsburg held on for the win. Cheers for the game, mate Catch you later in the season
  2. I thought Rhino winning it was bad!
  3. He's not even good enough to win one, let alone both!
  4. Oh, and I also have Harrison Reed (£12m)
  5. GK - A. Consigli - 82 RB - R. Shishkin - 76 CB - Deivid - 74 CB - Botia - 74 LB - A. Ignjovski - 72 RM - H. Traore - 73 CM - K. El Ahmadi - 79 CM - D. Glushakov -78 RM - F. Orellana - 81 ST - R. Van Wolfswinkel - 75 ST - A. Del Valle - 73 Got the makings of a decent side, there! Need some help at the back!
  6. Starting my own Clique
  7. Shocking display. Should be mandatory defences
  8. I always seem to miss these when they are first posted
  9. I heard you ran away when @Joe challenged you. #KingRhino
  10. Another "king" wanting a head start while wearing the crown?
  11. Sofa's keeper getting him relegated by the looks of it!
  12. For challengers that's understandable, but the king needing a boost? Tainted!
  13. Surely the king doesn't get a goal headstart?!
  14. What part of this didn't you get?