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  1. FLM Tour Season 3 Schedule/Discussion

    It depends when we played it last time. My handicap was -6 at one point... It's now -3.5! I'm my practice round I went round at even par as a scratch score, so would probably be +2 nett
  2. FLM Tour Season 3 Schedule/Discussion

    Just a reminder that this has started today! I'll be on tonight to accept anyone else into the club, otherwise send me a message and I'll get on to do it when I can
  3. Fortnite: Battle Royale

    Yeah, watched a couple of videos of this and it just looks awful compared to pubg.
  4. Sea of Thieves

    Will have a look later, then
  5. Sea of Thieves

    I assume you need to have played the previous beta to get this one?
  6. FLM Tour Season 3 Schedule/Discussion

    Yeah, got most from the forum. They seem to be the best ones.
  7. FLM Tour Season 3 Schedule/Discussion

    Speaking of challenging; what are people's thoughts on tees to use? Some of the longest tees are a bit long (7500 yards). Do we want to run them all of the longest, or make some shorter so that you're not hitting 2 long clubs to the green every time?
  8. FLM Tour Season 3 Schedule/Discussion

    Taken out Bay Hill. Did about 6 holes and that was enough for me! One of those silly courses where it's easy to get to the green then you end up 9 putting because it's lightning fast and on a 45° angle! It's also not handicap rated, so wouldn't be any good, anyway! Have replaced it with Riviera, which is a lovely course. Challenging in the right way (I've just gone round in even par)
  9. FLM Tour Season 3 Schedule/Discussion

    Yeah, in staying on player for a bit. Went round in even par on a practice round of the first course. No doubt Phil will be -20 after his silly handicap
  10. FLM Tour Season 3 Schedule/Discussion

    Ok, I've changed Shinnecock Hills to Old Head, as the course looked rubbish. I'll try to play through them all this week while I'm off just to make sure they are all ok. I can only set one as a major, so that's going to be Augusta! Once we level up the club a bit hopefully I can add more.
  11. PUBG

    Ah, you didn't beat me, then! I just got a 3rd. Didn't know where the others were and got shot from nowhere!
  12. PUBG

    Were you up a hill on the island at the end?
  13. FLM Tour Season 3 Schedule/Discussion

    Everyone gets a medal for taking part!
  14. Ok, here's the schedule. I've tried to match up as many events as possible to real life tournaments. Those marked with (*) have PGA events at the some location in the same week. I've added the first 3 to the schedule for now. The rest will be added later. All events run from the Monday to Sunday. 19/02/18 - PGA National* - Handicap 26/02/18 - Pebble Beach - Non-Handicap 05/03/18 - Robert Trent Jones GC - Handicap 12/03/18 - Riviera - Non-Handicap 19/03/18 - RTJ Golf Trail - Handicap 26/03/18 - Golf Club of Houson* - Non-Handicap 02/04/18 - Augusta* - Non-Handicap - MAJOR 09/04/18 - Harbour Town* - Handicap 16/04/18 - Pittsburg Field Club - Non-Handicap 23/04/18 - Copperhead at Innesbrook resort - Handicap 30/04/18 - Quail Hollow GC* - Non-Handicap 07/05/18 - TPC Sawgrass* - Non-Handicap - MAJOR 14/05/18 - Old Head - Handicap 21/05/18 - Wentworth* - Handicap 28/05/18 - Muirfield Village* - Non-Handicap - MAJOR
  15. Shadow of war