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  1. PUBG

    It's fairly easy to pick up on your own after a few goes but takes a while to get good. Definitely worth teaming up with someone to help you out, though, as they will be able to pass on some decent tips.
  2. PUBG

  3. PUBG

    Joe and I played a few earlier with no crashes, just a little bit of lag every now and then
  4. PUBG

    Yeah, I'm day one as well. Mine crashes all the time. The crashes are the only real frustrating part. Fantastic game, though
  5. PUBG

    Even happier with that one than last night's effort. Lovely stuff
  6. What game are you currently playing?

  7. PUBG

    Standard @Joe moment last night: He's driving the motorbike with me on the back when my game crashes. "Don't worry" says Joe "I'll just keep driving. We'll be fine as long as I don't drive us in to any trouble" 10 seconds later: "Ah, I've crashed"
  8. PUBG

    Finally! Duo with Joe. Doing pretty well then Joe's game crashes while driving a motorbike and I have to hop off and leave him doing a big loop outside the zone until he dies! There were only 30 left, so I carried on towards the zone and come across a drop crate. Get an M249 out of it and a guille suit Then just stayed low until left with me against a team of 2 at the end. My better gun prevailed
  9. PUBG

    Crashes are annoying but it's not like they've claimed it's a finished game. It quite clearly tells you it's not finished before you pay your £25. They've already released a s**t load of patches so it's only going to get better. Why would anyone jump ship to a cartoon version?!
  10. PUBG

    You need to be inside the white circle. The red zone is where random bombs get dropped. Avoid if you can or stay inside
  11. PUBG

    Joe died the other night landing from the parachute
  12. The fractured but whole gold edition - £3.99

    Yeah, same. Was always a long shot at that price!
  13. Must be a misprice https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/south-park-fractured-butt-hole-gold-edition-digital-code-xbox-one-399-tesco-direct-2860815 Get it while you can!
  14. The fractured but whole gold edition - £3.99

    Yeah, I'm the same. Seems some people now being charged £80, so looks like you get it any more. Will wait to see if it comes through!
  15. The fractured but whole gold edition - £3.99

    This is an Xbox one digital code, by the way
  16. PUBG

    There was one game where we were in a building and a guy was shooting at us from outside but couldn't see where from. Joe went to the door and shouted "he's behind that wall". Then decided just to run straight at him without waiting for me or devising any kind of strategy and promptly died! I think he gets a bit excited
  17. Star Wars: Battlefront 2

    Finished the campaign and the doc. Pretty good story. Ties in with the films nicely. I still finish bottom every time in multiplayer, though!
  18. PUBG

    Had a lovely start to a game yesterday with @Joe As we land we see a guy on his own in the same place, so decide to go double team him in a fight. As we are running over this woman comes from nowhere and it's two on two. Break off in to two fights and I'm winning pretty easily against the woman. She starts running away and I'm chasing her round trying to get the killer blow. Then Joe says "I'm running away to get a gun" So now I'm chasing the woman around and the bloke is chasing me in some weird Benny Hill fashion until Joe comes back with a gun and I think I'm saved. Unfortunately Joe is a mong and can't hit a barn door. They both run at him and knock him out. Fortunately this takes their attention away from me and I get a couple of haymakers in to finish them both off, then revive Joe. I literally saved Joe by killing two people with my bare hands
  19. PUBG

    Joe and I played a couple earlier. Did really well in the last one and were 2 of the last 8 left. That Scar gun is a Pansexual
  20. PUBG

    It's the only way I can last more than a minute!
  21. PUBG

    I've been top 10 twice so far. Both times I've only killed one person
  22. PUBG

    Really enjoying this, even though it's bloody hard! Duo/squad mode is good. Unless your teammate runs you over with a car @ninjabean87 @SouthernSofty and I played a fair few and managed to come 3rd in one, simply by hiding and running, for the most part!
  23. PUBG

    I'll be on late if you're still about I'm f**king awful at killing people, but I'm pretty good at hiding
  24. PUBG

    Hold x!