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  1. FUT18

    A word to the wise or not so Sold my team a few weeks ago and sold my coins.. Recieved around £120 for 2,000,000 or so coins. My plan was to start again and do the same , smash the weekend league earn the coins and sell again thought it was a good idea to keep me interested. Long story short they disbanded my club with the s**t I had left , insured me a warning as it’s my first time and warned me any future funny business and they might strip me of all the online fifa modes! So yeh
  2. Fortnite: Battle Royale

    What I’d say is try and land on a roof and hammer through to get into the attic to get a special treasure chest type thing. the loot you receive will set you up and then it’s a case of slowly slowly catch a monkey
  3. Fortnite: Battle Royale

    Only just downloaded this after seeing my cuz playing it. Absolutley love it, being a cod search and destroy slag I really love the concept. I’m sure you can do it in pairs aswell which would probably be even better. Theres a bit to grasp it regards to building things and knowing what buttons etc but can see myself spending a lot of time on this. There seems to be an awful lot of stuff upgrades wise I just hope it’s not a micro transaction gang bang
  4. Yes mate managed to get a couple of early 2nd half goals which went along way to get me the 3 points in a close game. wp confirmed
  5. Fixture 6: Bluenose Dave vs Steven - [Confirmed]

    Wp pal confirmed
  6. Fixture 13: Scott vs Steven86 - [Confirmed]

    Yeh wp played mate, I’m very disappointed that I let a 4-2 lead turn to 4-4 but you didn’t stop having a go and got what you deserved I guess. confirmed
  7. Thought I’d try match your original summary for the game from my point of view so there wasn’t to much of a difference
  8. Result: 2 - 2 Home Team Manager: @Stev3n86 Franchise: Bohemians Scorers: Fernandes 16', Mehmedi 21' Clean Sheet: Red Cards: Zukanovic 56' MoTM (if applicable): Mehmedi Away Team Manager: Masta Franchise: Lazio Scorers: Eder 56', Alessandrini 70' Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: Switched my system after the first game and it was going lovely, 2-0 up and coasting. A badly timed tackle in the box led to a pen and a red which saw the home manager attack the 4th official on the sidelines before being escorted into the stands! Credit to the opposition who took there pen and then an equaliser taking full advantage of the extra man Then in the dying seconds Mehmedi almost nicked all 3 points for Bohemians but it wasn’t to be after the away keeper managed to gather the loose ball wp @Mr-Masta
  9. Fixture 04: Mr-Masta v Stev3n86 - [Confirmed]

    5 at the back yes park the bus no! Wp
  10. Result: 3-4 Home Team Manager: Stev3n86 Franchise: Bohemians Scorers: Nababkin 42 Díaz 83 Paloschi 90 Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Mehmedi Away Team Manager: @ChewieEX16 Franchise: Palermo Scorers: Caprari 11 Barrow 16 Pedro 47, 89 Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: ---- Bohemians suffered there 1st defeat after the Italians put on an absolute master class in Ireland. Palermo fully deserved the win here as the home side spent all game chasing shadows. Bohemians gave it a good go but today they didn’t really deserve anything. wp pal
  11. Result: 4-1 Home Team Manager: Stev3n86 Franchise: Bohemians Scorers: Paloschi 27,49 Palacio 24 Mehmedi 53 Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Pablo Batalla Away Team Manager: @Gazdavis11 Franchise: Terni Scorers: Kagawa 45 Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: ---- An end to end game here with chances galore. Terni had more than there fair share of chances. On another day the outcome could well have been different. wp pal
  12. FUT18

    I wonder if he’s stil knocking about might give him a call
  13. FUT18

    i meant with my league team, kaboul and Collins ain’t no Bailey and Luiz