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  1. FUT18

    Are player instructions outlawed on FLM??
  2. FUT18

    Player instructions yes
  3. FUT18

    You take enough of it on there you have to dish it out. Kun Aguero+IF Son up top Heart sinks when you see Del Piero +Fat Ronaldo though
  4. FUT18

    I am not using custom tactics at all. Also never have on here when it's not been allowed. I swear on n my kids life ...<DRAMATIC PAUSE>... Can't believe I said that , I now sound like the type of teenager that spends there life on FUT But might give it a miss next weekend. I enjoy the competition but 40 games is hard work. Even harder if your working like I was this weekend
  5. FUT18

    35 wins this weekend! 2 of them I quit was like 3-0 or 4-0 down in 20 odd mins which can happen got like 10-12 rage quits myself. 1 defeat on pens 1 I went to 10 mins And the other could have gone either way. Tbf had a few like this that went my way. Progress is there but getting 38-40 I reckon I need an icon or 2. See what Thursdays pack opening brings. 100k I think 2 TOTW packs 2 of them other ones.
  6. FUT18

    Wowzer 70k Higuain sold for 65k IF Son 350k!! (Not sure what to do as I have Jesus and Aguero the up top iF Rodriguez the LB IF Boruc
  7. FUT18

    I've been back 5 mins and it's already starting
  8. FUT18

    Bought Aguero and about 50k short of Kante... Hopefully generate that before the Elite3 pay out on Thursday which will turn my attention to Pogba or Ginger bollocks
  9. FUT18

    Courtois Luiz Bailly Rudiger Herrera Bakayoko Young Mkhatarian Alli Martial Lacazette ----- Courtois Azpiliqueta Van Dijk Koscielny Gaye Matic Mane Valencia Firmino Jesus Sanchez
  10. FUT18

    Finished on 29 in the end with 2 left...<DRAMATIC PAUSE>... I've put my alternative squad for sale and goingg to concentrate on 1 11 using fitness cards instead of changing 10 players every 3 games...<DRAMATIC PAUSE>... I want to add De Bruyne, Kante, Pogba and Aguero possibly Hazard that's the eventual plan
  11. FUT18

    15-1 so far Sounds lovely and playing lovely...<DRAMATIC PAUSE>... But it's gonna go to s**t I'll post an update of how s**t it gets tomorrow
  12. COD - World War II

    Change your controller config so your melee becomes your crouch and visa versa on the jet pack games that what was used for flying about For Jumping I'd imagine L1 or R1 or R3 depending on yourself... This I have no experience in!
  13. FUT18

    Try Tony Martial he's as good
  14. FUT18

    The Vidal Pogba Kante/Bakayoko midfield was bad enough... But was getting Gullit-Blancs Beckanbeuers Petits Viera's! Changed my formation loads ... I will find a way! I've bought De Gea to try and help like but need more... My side's ain't bad, well that's what I thought... But theres much room for improvement... Wonder if custom tactics would help but don't wanna f**k with that
  15. FUT18

    Can't break past gold 1 atm... Too many God Squads