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  1. Pretty much bummed. Could barely make it out of my own half for the majority of the match Cheers mate
  2. Catch you around 10 then
  3. Can also play before the 10:30 slot, but don't want to be a cheeky pookeynoodle and take the crown before Viper gets the chance
  4. I'll take a shot at it after Stevie-V if that's cool mate. @SteveViper If you win then game after Rising?
  5. Any slots for this Thursday? @PpJt
  6. I posted to challenged the other day to no reply. Poor
  7. @PpJt Free for a challenge tonight?
  8. Rolls off the tongue delightfully
  9. El Equipo del Pueblo is the one though
  10. El equipo del pueblo
  11. Where has the real Jakey gone? This guy is a fake surely