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  1. Fixture 16: Tiernobyl v SteveyBhoy - [Confirmed]

    come down to D1 mate. none of that s**t in there
  2. FUT18

    Just have a read through this thread mate.. Many a WL rage
  3. FUT18

  4. PUBG

    Might be on tonight Also, running in straight lines isnt a good idea on this game
  5. PUBG

    probs coz you are a mink who can't shoot people without auto aim
  6. Fixture 19: Howson Jawz v Chairfloor - [Confirmed]

    were all your players wearing pink tutu's prancing about like queens or something
  7. FUT18

    I started on Xbox as a new fut player. Best card I got value wise was IF Alessandrini. Spent around £40ish on packs and was doing SB's nearly every week for about 2 months. f**k you FUT
  8. Fixture 19: Howson Jawz v Chairfloor - [Confirmed]

    Chair didn't get 1 red in thosec2 games? GTFO
  9. PUBG

    Purchased this earlier. Had a few rounds with Chair Sutty and T. Can see why people are raving about it, immense fun. I'll be on later tonight for sure
  10. Fixture 12: Berty v Chairfloor - [Confirmed]

  11. Fixture 08: Blondedan vs Jaminator - [Confirmed]

    Some amount of goals scored in Xbox Div 1 today
  12. Rocket League Hub

    Got this downloading on Xbox as I type. anyone up for some tonight after the footie? Only 1337 people plz
  13. Fixture 19: Doob v Lukewarm - [Confirmed]

    Yea good game mate and good chattage! This fifa is f**king nuts Hopefully catch ya next season Not too sure on goal times exact, but - Home Scorers: Gomis 18' 22' Villa 27' Pena 68' Piatti 79' Away Scorers: Potuk 65' Doumbia 72' Something like that