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  1. FIFA 18 news

    nah, it was an obvious graphics glitch that lost me the chance of winning the div 1 title. Furious
  2. FIFA 18 news

    this happened to me quite a lot of times on fifa 17. ball goes into goal, and no bulge from net what so ever always knew if it happened once then it stayed thst way for the game
  3. Pes 18 Demo

  4. XBOX Div 1 Playoff Semi: Mo vs Scotty - [Confirmed]

    The Peoples Final
  5. Xbox D1 Play Off Semi Final: Berty v Jakey - [Confirmed]

    oh, hang on...
  6. GOTR S13: Round 7 Voting

    Gaz for me. Lovely Chair, would have voted for you but you dabbed Geas minky finish
  7. Destiny 2

    Was so tempted to pick this up when I walked past game just now
  8. League Wars - Headers & Volleys

    would be 3 if it weren't to be on a Wednesday
  9. League Wars - Headers & Volleys

    one of the greatest themes ever, and I'm not freee. pookeynoodles
  10. Playoff Final : Robbie v Steevoo - [Confirmed]

    Well done Robbie. Get the Mrs to get out the big black dildo, coz your arse needs preparing
  11. PS4 Group A

    Luke 1 - 0 Fungus Luke 2 - 2 Pals
  12. PS4 Group A

    I'll be on in 2 mins lads
  13. PS4 Group A

    da Nederlands mon
  14. LW - Signup - PS4