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  1. It should be for the price of it.
  2. Looks like they've made the prologue levels free on all platforms to let people give it a try.
  3. 16 minutes of Detroit game play. Ignore the annoying announcer guys if possible. Quite like the look of this. I liked their two previous games though.
  4. I think most of the stuff shown was in game. Days gone, Spiderman, monster hunter, god of war, cod etc all looked to be partially or entirely in game. Surprised that they showed both Crash and Gran Turismo before the conference started too.
  5. Sony conference was decent too if a bit short. Don't think either manufacturers conferences stood out much this year. A lot of things shown at Sony were just things already announced looking decent. God of War Uncharted dlc Horizon dlc Detroit (Heavy rain developer's game) Marvel v capcom Spiderman (looked quite Arkham Asylum-esque) Days Gone And of course Destiny and Cod Only real surprises were Shadow of the Collosus remaster and Skyrim in Playstation VR.
  6. Unless Sony has a surprise tonight I think everything I'm looking forward to this year except the Uncharted 4 standalone dlc will be multi-platform. Seems a fairly quiet and uninspired year for both Sony and Microsoft.
  7. Considering how bad they are with leaks the ubisoft conference had a few surprises.
  8. Beyond good and evil 2 trailer which is apparently a prequel. Way more foul mouthed than I remember the original being.
  9. Finished Titanfall 2 campaign and really was as good as has been said. Don't think it did all that we'll so wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't another one.
  10. New Wolfenstein looks good.
  11. Nope I saw people posting about it on Twitter. Then after doing it I got a notification on the xbox from the mixer app saying I now owned the games.
  12. Looks like other stuff is given for linking accounts too.
  13. I just got given Rare Replay for free for linking my Microsoft account to a mixer account. That's Microsoft streaming service. I think it used to be called beam. There's instructions on how to do it here.
  14. £450 at launch according to Eurogamer.
  15. Decent enough conference but not really all that much new or exclusive there to convince people to spend £400 odds on a new console.