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  1. No thread about the game itself so thought i might as well put it here. Crackdown 3 delayed to next year.
  2. PS4 and PC only I think. Full Throttle got a remaster too.
  3. Finished Day of the tentacle remastered. Had played it before years ago but so long ago i couldnt remember most of the puzzles. Still a really good old school adventure game.
  4. Seems Battlefield 1 was added yesterday according to reports.
  5. Finished Gone Home yesterday. Enjoyed it but there's not a lot to it so kinda glad I waited until it was on PlayStation plus to play it. Finished Far Cry Primal too. Really good as well but pretty much just more of the same if you like the series.
  6. Not sure if anyone used this on console or not but seemingly it's coming to Xbox one today according to Eurogamer.
  7. Yeah pretty much. All Far cry's are though.
  8. Playing Far Cry Primal. Bought it ages ago but just got round to it now. Enjoying it a lot but it's pretty standard Far Cry fare if you've played 3 and 4.
  9. Yeah seems to be. Theyre also giving season 1 free to psplus subscribers who pre-order series 2 digitally on ps4. It's £25 as well apparently which seems steeper than i remember series 1 being. Thats a straight dollar to pounds conversion if true.
  10. f**king behave yourself.
  11. all new title

    The Red Faction game is pretty bad and bombed so hard they stopped making games in that franchise and focused on Saints Row.
  12. all new title

  13. Skyrim. Again. Have about 20 other games I should be playing instead as well.
  14. Three new games confirmed for next year. Surprised there's still been no word on their game of thrones series. Probably a good thing it's the last walking dead.
  15. Oh man but it's been a while since I played but I largely invested points in biotic and tech stuff. Combat points it was only points into assault rifles and the ones that would increase health, shields etc. Think I just stuck with the vanguard profile for the most part with a couple of different setups Charge, Nova and Shockwave - Really good for close range fighting Singularity, pull and throw - Better for outdoors and fighting non kett enemies I would use the Infiltrator profile such as Overload, energy drain and AI squadmate or invisibility - Used this for when fighting the robots and any enemies with shields. Invisibility is handy if your health gets low. As far as weapons go I pretty much just used the N7 Valkyrie assault rifle and upgraded to higher levels when I could. I used the heat sink mod with it so I didn't need to run around looking for ammo all the time.