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  1. FUT18

    You'll probably have to have one of them on 6 chem
  2. PS4 Group A

    Masta 2 - 1 PPJT
  3. PS4 Group A

    Robbie 1 - 4 Masta Esswein Depay Defoe x2 Lezcano MOTM: Depay Good game mate
  4. FUT18

    Slaggy, but actual good players instead of lower rated OP pace whores
  5. FUT18

    Patch has definitely made the game better IMO. Still doesn't come close to 17
  6. FUT18

    Won draft yesterday and packed IF Sanabria and Reus Going to sell them and my current team, should leave me with around 550k to play with
  7. FIFA 18 news

    I expected more from 18 myself, but the initial game was far worse than 17 so a patch to make it more like it wasn't the worst news in the world
  8. FIFA 18 news

    It's why I like the game a bit more now, still not great though
  9. FUT18

    Bought 30 quids worth on release as Amazon were offering 15% off. Not bought any points before and have no intention of doing so in the future. Only used them on two jumbo premium promo packs so far, got OTW Douglas Costa in one
  10. FUT18

    Pansexual rating
  11. FIFA 18 news

    Update out on PC https://fifaforums.easports.com/en/discussion/313085/fifa-title-update#latest Should be available on consoles soon
  12. FUT18

    Sold my previous team and spent almost all the coins on Ibra, Gabriel Jesus and Sane. Played a few games last night and the gameplay felt considerably slower, far more enjoyable than last week.
  13. FUT18

    Opened one 15k pack, got OTW Douglas Costa
  14. FIFA 18 EA Access

    -£15 on top of FIFA 17 imo