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  1. We did that clubs event a couple of years back where it was basically the guys on the PS4 originally vs the Xbox guys that had switched over. PS4 won all three games IIRC
  2. Not on tonight but otherwise would have been
  3. Isn't that your own club though? Or open to everyone here?
  4. I'll be any
  5. You could always purchase something like this - Or just an Xbox One style controller for the PS4
  6. Get a PS4 @DavoteK, will prevent all the hassle
  7. Those two chances at the end Very lucky to survive. Good game mate
  8. Good game mate
  9. It's just easy getting things like 5* skills and weak foot etc, should take time and be more difficult to achieve. There's scope for improvement with it but the way it was implemented in FIFA 17, it was worse than the system they had previously. Still, clubs will get played regardless
  10. Clubs went backwards for FIFA 17 with the stupid skill point system. Was better before where it was impossible to have 6"10 players with 90+ sprint speed
  11. I've pre ordered the Ronaldo edition from Amazon, £68. It's £80 on PSN
  12. Looks like we won't have enough for tonight
  13. Definitely. Been a while
  14. Good game mate
  15. Masta / Lazio 2 - 1 Bristol City / @Steevoo Eder Kurtic (Golden goal) Delph Good game mate!