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  1. FUT18

  2. FUT18

    Stop abbreviating s**t that isn't actually a standard abbreviation then you choob I'm fine with a standard abbreviation but if you just make them up as you go along it is annoying WAFNEPPJTI
  3. FUT18

    It's rather annoying trying to decipher them, like a texting spastic kind of English.
  4. FUT18

    And yes there will be a minimum rating, Juventus were the only real bad one from Serie A I remember last year. Barcelona, Real Madrid and A. Madrid were also a pookeynoodle
  5. FUT18

    Go and check their current default formation on sofifa first?
  6. FUT18

    It was in a 7.5K pack, why would I lie about that
  7. FUT18

    I can get off easy in that one lad
  8. FUT18

    What bulls**t you talk lad. No custom tactics... OH AYEEEEE Not even a few player instructions on the old formation?
  9. FUT18

    I packed Aguero out of a 7.5K pack on Friday night I think it was. Scored 9 goals in one match for me. So good.
  10. FUT18

    35 wins
  11. FUT18

    CPU always goes all out attack for last 20/30 minutes if they are losing. That's why they are so easy to beat. Just cruise 1 goal up and then destroy them in that last period of game. I agree about it being boring as f**k though.
  12. Speakers

    No built in speakers? Doh Anything that plugs into the optical out will work. This one will work. It won't sound particularly good but it will work.
  13. FUT18

    I'd be keeping him as well. Saul is class and will get an upgrade at some point. For example I'm not selling PTG Howedes for 15K or Hero Rodriguez for 35K (picked up both last night in MM) Would rather keep them and use them in SBCs if they cost that much.
  14. FUT18

    Nice team though @Goldenbeard. Pretty tempted to just sell up and start again. So much s**t floating about my club I could do with a clean out.
  15. FUT18

    Isn't the best time for all TOTWs immediately?