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  1. Fixture 6: Chairfloor v Jakey Fantastic - [Confirmed]

    Pretty much my standard league game on the new FIFA. Good game and banter to be fair pal.
  2. Fixture 08: Chairfloor v Lukewarm - [Confirmed]

    Telling me. It was stupid as f**k this game. And the shambles of the AI.
  3. Fixture 08: Chairfloor v Lukewarm - [Confirmed]

    Shambles. Well played bud.
  4. Chat in game

    Haha. Everyone blocked you ner ner!!
  5. New Tomb Raider

    The last one they released was brilliant.
  6. FUT18

    60K for me.
  7. FUT18

    Just listed 6.
  8. FUT18

    Mine were all s**t.
  9. FUT18

    f**k that. I’d rather get the 90 Henry and save the other few million.
  10. FUT18

    Offline draft on low difficulty. Spank them first half and leave it on second half. Easy packs.
  11. FUT18

    Mooy IF is ridiculous on this.
  12. FUT18

    Sold all my team to get him.
  13. FUT18

    Not used this yet as I fell asleep.
  14. FUT18

  15. FUT18

    No lad. I put some on the other but then the binge took over my life so I left them for this switch over.