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  1. Wtf is teh clubbings

  2. Fm 18 touch

    Bought it last year for my Jollies on the iPad, looks tidy, ran no bother, but i must admit, i found navigating a bit of a faff to the point i rarely went beyond the opening few games before it felt a chore. One of the things i love about FM is the rabbit hole effect, from looking at one players club history, seeing an obscure club, finding a player in said club who's national team piques your interest to then looking at their U-21 squad before finding some random free agent. Spend hours doing f**k all but loving it nonetheless, whilst you've got the players to do that in the Touch version, it just felt an effort. The whole tactical affair i can leave, think i want more than what the touch offers but less than the full game. I guess that's what my assistant is for
  3. Wtf is teh clubbings

    FLM v FLM, tonight
  4. FIFA 18 news

    We sure it's not to finally remove Aleix Garcia from the stands?
  5. Shall i be a hypocrite and a traitor?

    Surprised to see you Pitch up with the digs against potential future opponents. Quite the slippery Slope considering neither console is guaranteed to Bank you a spot. Should Dip into a bit of PES, see how that is
  6. FIFA 18 news

    Yeah, never seen a power myself either. Although it's been that delicate a task without conceding a foul/penalty, it's no wonder nobody has noticed it
  7. FIFA 18 news

    At moaning like f**k whilst you rinse him, aye! Soon changed his tune when he went 3 up in one particular match, only to revert to type when I brought it back to 3-3 Think the ability of SpaceBat mixed with the moaning of Venom & you've Trooper
  8. FIFA 18 news

    Wouldn't take your lack of ability out on the game dude. You don't see me suggesting The Golf Club 2 is s**t
  9. FIFA 18 news

    Aye I'm on seasons. Can't comment on FUT as don't play it. But definitely feels more like you can put your foot on the ball and look for a pass. Keepers been decent too but let's see if it's still the same tomorrow First impression are it's improved the game massively for me.
  10. FIFA 18 news

    Just me liking it? Passing feels much more weighty, likewise moves in the final 3rd now break down if you don't set yourself up properly (as opposed to pinging it to your teammates). Overall gameplay feels slower which in turn makes defending feel more in sync.
  11. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    Despite this, i then to proceeded to hit 13 over after 9 holes to make me question why i'm wasting my time & turned the f**king thing off. I'm ending my golf career with the Eagle, it's just not for me this game
  12. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    We need more courses with water
  13. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    Aye I did this when Rising recommended it. Thing is, because it's so open plan, i don't really get a sense of direction from it. So i figured what type of speed was required for the Perfect/Perfect, but i find it completely different to being on a course as I've then a target area to aim for. Although now I know that a Slow Downswing can affect the direction, it does appear I've been focusing on the wrong thing (direction instead of speed). I just presumed Slow shortened the distance. I shall return to the range
  14. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    Ahhh, wasn't aware of any of that, that probably explains some of my mare's I'm getting the occasional Perfect/Perfect but getting that & keeping the shot straight is another matter altogether Cheers bud, will keep the above in mind from now on.
  15. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    So I switched my swing to the left analogue today to try arrest the constant dragging wide when on Player Clubs & surprisingly works a treat. Although feels like I need to learn it all again as beyond the Tee I'm still shagged If I'm getting the swing within the marker displayed bottom right, nice & straight too I should add, why would it still go wayward, is that due to my backswing? Feels like I'm not factoring something into it & I don't know what (not the wind)