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  1. The Golf Club 2

    I've sent an invite aye
  2. The Golf Club 2

    Safe to say I'm utter tripe at this. Made the mistake of selecting the player clubs & just went from rough to bunker to rough Went to standard once I realised & im now gradually keeping out of trouble up until putting. That's another story altogether as I've wasted that many shots going back & forth past a b*****d hole, genuinely infuriating Quite enjoyable despite the steep learning curve. Handful of Birdies to keep me enthused
  3. The Golf Club 2

    Looking to pick this up today, £29.99 with both Amazon & Tesco, still the best price available for Digital? (i know it's available cheaper via disc, need digital for game share).
  4. XBOX Div 1 Playoff Semi: Mo vs Scotty - [Confirmed]

    Result & Player Stats Added
  5. XBOX DIVISION 1 Playoff Final: Mo vs Jakey - [Confirmed]

    Result & Player Stats Added
  6. XBOX DIVISION 1 Playoff Final: Mo vs Jakey - [Confirmed]

    Yeah, it's not mate. I had my farewell gifs ready & everything!
  7. XBOX DIVISION 1 Playoff Final: Mo vs Jakey - [Confirmed]

    Aye good game dude! Think the MJGA campaign played the occasion & not the game as there was zero fluidity to the Colombians play The lack of red card following a horrendous challenge for the penalty proved we were up against 12 men too. Sadly we were just never that threatening with the defeat fully deserved. Damn you mink! All the best in the Prem bud. Don't forget your lube
  8. Xbox D1 Play Off Semi Final: Berty v Jakey - [Confirmed]

    Result & Player Stats Added
  9. Xbox Div 1 Playoff: MackemJet vs Red Rhino - [Confirmed]

    Result & Player Stats Added
  10. Result & Player Stats Added
  11. FIFA 18 ratings

    Yeah, Claudio Bravo is showing as an 83. I'll take these upgrades with a pinch of salt
  12. FIFA 18 news

    Isn't this basically the default review of every FIFA Demo released?
  13. Xbox D1 Play Off Semi Final: Berty v Jakey - [Confirmed]

    The Make Jakey Great Again campaign has been 2 seasons in the making. The will of the people will see us through
  14. Result: 0-1 Home Team Manager: @Berty44 Franchise: Newell's Old Boys Scorers: N/A Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A Away Team Manager: @Jakey Fantastic Franchise: Independiente Medellin Scorers: Douglas Clean Sheet: C. Bravo Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): Douglas Match Report: Probably our worst encounter to date in terms of overall performance Big Douglas with a header from a corner late into the 2nd being the difference. Hard lines Berty but good craic as always! 1 game away from Making Jakey Great Again!