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  1. The more you play the more your handicap is a true reflection of how good you are at the game. This tournament is pretty close. Tunners is on 12 I'm 10.1 ( incredibly the virtual me has the exact same as the real me )
  2. It was more that I had a few meltdowns on the first round. Had a 5 foot putt for birdie on one hole, walked off with a double bogey. My putting was much improved in the second round, holed a load of 7/8 ft ones I had been missing in the first round. Pins were harder, some you just had to accept not actually going for. Couple tight to the front with bunkers in front, I just made sure to get over the bunker.
  3. -3 after round 1, -13 after round 2 and tied second with Goldenbeard and 1 behind Joe. Expect Tunners and Rhino to be ahead of us after they play round two though.
  4. If you put your ball in an unplayable position ( I did exact sames same thing as you an impossible shot ), go back to the menu and one option is to "Declare Unplayable" I think it is. You can then drop the ball in a position under penalty of one shot but that you can actually play.
  5. Yep cracking game, nearly made the comeback fir the draw in second half. Great chatting. Reault confirmed.
  6. Result: 0-1 Home Team Manager: Berty44 Franchise: Newells Old Bioys Scorers: N/A Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A Away Team Manager: Chairfloor Franchise: GIF Sundsvall Scorers: Bassong (54) Clean Sheet: Proto Red Cards: Kačar MoTM (if applicable): Cristante Match Report: If ever there was a game of two halves this was it. NOBS totally dominated the first half but just could not get the breakthough and it proved very costly. Just before the half a crunching tackle earned Kačar a red. Second half started off more evenly and then Bassong headed the visitors into the lead from a corner after 54 minutes. After that and despite playing with 10 men it was all Sundsvall who had some great chances and forced Beto into some brilliant saves and looked far more likely than the home team to add to the score. Good game and nice chatting ! Honoured as always to see the obligatory Chairfloor red card !!
  7. I had a similar issue a few weeks back, turned out that my controller was faulty working with the mic. Worked fine on game for everything else but same symptoms as you. Put same mic into a different controller and it worked so try that to eliminate the controller.
  8. Tight game, result confirmed. Good chatting Vondia
  9. Huge game and a big win for Riverman. Well played !
  10. Result: 2-0 Home Team Manager: Berty Franchise: Newells Scorers: Belluschi (35,52) Clean Sheet: Beto Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): Belluschi Away Team Manager: Blonde Dan Franchise: Nottingham Forest Scorers: N/A Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A Match Report: Belluschi showed his class with a pair of fine goals in this very even game which was much closer than the score line. Good chatting Dan and a good battle as always
  11. Result: 1-3 Home Team Manager: Superceltic Franchise: Celtic Scorers: Livajo (90) Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A Away Team Manager: Berty Franchise: Newells Scorers: Acuña (11) Martinez (26) Vainqueur (89) Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): Martinez Match Report: Newells dominated the game against an out of practice Celtic and emerged winners with some quality goals. Good chatting !
  12. Can't believe Grumbo did not make the cut.
  13. Definitely worth it. They threw me a ticker tape parade down my street last night and my local pub told me I'll never have to buy a beer again. Never mind Justin Thomas I'm the real hero . My family are so proud !
  14. I'd get suspended from my club if I tried this
  15. ?? I've never had a problem, I've even used the flop shot on occasions, just adjust the loft for the distance I have had to chip on a green in real life on occasion if there was a collar between me and the hole.