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  1. FUT18

    Packs are really bad, crappy electrums and jumbos. Last year they brought in guarenteed totw player in MMs hopefully that starts again soon
  2. FUT18

    Another patch of discard MMs
  3. FUT18

    Daily knockout tournament i guessed?
  4. FUT18

    DKT is a bit gay tbf
  5. FUT18

    Worst were Toulouse silver defenders last year, they went extinct. You had to just keep checking daily and snipe one for 10k. Tbh eveeyone knows whats coming this year so loads have invested, prices wont be as bad as last years SBCs.
  6. FUT18

    I meant packing him in a s**tty 7.5 pack tbf
  7. FUT18

    Steve and Tier having a lie off. Steve edging it.
  8. FUT18

    What formation you using?
  9. FUT18

    Took him a few weeks to perfect his custom tactics. Fair play though 35 wins is brilliant. Most ive ever made is 29, once in i dont know how many attempts.
  10. FUT18

    My pet hate is when the commentator says, rui costa on the ball he wont give it away or something along they line, 2nd toich and hes given it away
  11. FUT18

  12. FUT18

    40 games of fifa over 3 days isnt a chore/ to much weekend time? D= Way to many, they should be extending it to monday/ tuesday imo biggest issue with what is a good mode ( bar the horrible opponent also)
  13. FUT18

    Arent you the guy that packed an icon, yet your complaining about your packs. D= I spent time investing more than playing the game. Made loads from MMs etc.
  14. FUT18

    Definitely not unstoppable with me controllig them tbf
  15. FUT18

    Built this, no motovation to use it though