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  1. COD - World War II

    Been double most things since the DLC came out
  2. FUT18

    82 castro from my free ultimate pack lol. Thank god i dont play this now
  3. COD - World War II

    Watched a guy on you tube that master prestiged only ever using a knife Gave it a go combat knife and throwing knives really fun. Got a better score in the games i played than i do with a gun
  4. Ufc 3

    Easiest ones to defend and block are from half guard. Its hard to explain without showing. Once you understand which aide you flick for each transaction it becomes easy
  5. Ufc 3

    Watch the video i posted explains in all in simple form with examples
  6. FUT18

    Or if you get a party invite or message come to think of it
  7. FUT18

    Thats ridiculous tbf. Im forever hitting the PS button when quickly checking time, battery level or a general nose about waiting on the opponent putting his 41212 on. Glad ive retired from this
  8. Ufc 3

    UT is awful this year imo. You use real fighters but they are pretty much skins as they all have basic stats. Preferred it last year building your ken guys, was a chsnge from ranked champ
  9. Ufc 3

    Dont usually upload clips of ground kos as they arent to exciting. Do like using ground game though, cant beat a sub. Some people are ridiculous on the mat though once they get you down its game over.
  10. Ufc 3

    Probably the most exciting first round youll ever see Im cody, we rock each other at the exact same time at one point Step back and straight jab finish
  11. Ufc 3

    You tube massively helps. Pain in the arse but rewarding once you start getting unique subs etc
  12. Ufc 3

    Aye, i dont like mcgregor tbh but hate facing him to. Not went near the featherweight to face mighty mouse awful division. Is your ground game any better? I was using Romero a fair bit he has the Crucifix OP when you get in that position and block their transitions
  13. Ufc 3

    Miocic for me. Been sticking to the same fighters. Mastival, Miocic, Ferguson and Edgar atm.
  14. Ufc 3

    This move wins me alot of fights
  15. Ufc 3

    Looks like something from the matrix. Double ko was quite cool