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  1. We are well known for our deep friendship to be fair, he has a really good point
  2. #TBT to my butt devastated crying and moaning. I was RAGING
  3. You're trying so hard for this bite bless you, it's not coming I'm afraid!
  4. I can feel Rhinos meltdown coming
  5. Probably played Berty in maybe 10 games over the last couple of weeks and he's way better than Div 2, at least mid-low Prem standard
  6. Yeah well played Berty, as expected you're way too good for that 2 goal lead! Expect to see that snipped down sooner rather than later
  7. Is he though #ClickLife
  8. Joe 4-5 Riverman Origi x 2, Austin, Aquilani Iheanacho, Locatelli, Belotti x 2, Free goal (s**t idea now) FML
  9. Result: 1-0 Home Team Manager: Joe Franchise: Al-Nassr Scorers: Austin Clean Sheet: Varas Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Radovanovic Away Team Manager: @Razakel Franchise: PAOK Scorers: Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: -- Tough as balls game, spent a lot of the game trying to break Raz down. We both had good chances, Origi hit the bar from a header while Austin missed 2 good chances, and Varas made some good saves to deny PAOK. The winner came on 85, I took a risk and went all out attack and it paid off as Eysseric played Austin into space and he tucked it away Tough game Raz, unlucky
  10. Joe 1-2 Doob Radovanovic Podolski x 2 More clinical finishing from doob, I went 1 up on 6 mins with a nicely worked goal but Podolski pegged me back with 2 headers and I just couldn't get another. Well played @doob, congrats!
  11. Good job you're not touchy about it
  12. That's the attitude
  13. You got your Xbox yet? I've got a slot with your name on it