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  1. FUT18

    What do you mean by weekly, the squad battles ones? I at least got borders, but it was just Payet, worth 10k
  2. FUT18

    Well I suppose it depends how much you enjoy playing Fifa, you not so much by the sounds of it
  3. FUT18

    Then you’d just give people less time to qualify. Plenty of people get the 40 in so it can’t be that bad
  4. FUT18

    It’s about 12 hours of play time isn’t it? I tend to have a couple of hours in the afternoon and a couple of hours when the wife has gone to bed most days so don’t feel like it’s a massive chore
  5. FUT18

    That f**king 14 game hump Took me 4 goes to get over it last night, first 2 games I was up with 85 mins gone and got beat, the third I got battered by someone way better than me. Thankfully the next one I was 3 up in 15 mins and he rage quit That Irish POTY worth doing? I can do it easily by using my TOTW Kenny Miller, assume this card will be valuable in an SBC down the line?
  6. FUT18

    Just had my favourite win yet. Had Morata sent off after 20 mins with a daft slide tackle from behind, my opponent must have thought his luck was right in. Took a surprise lead 5 mins later but he equalised just before half time giving it all the celebrations and watching the replays and that. I got another on 65 mins and closed it out, he was rage hacking me and all sorts by the end
  7. FUT18

    Sane POTM.. Just picked up a duplicate for 20k in case you need him for it, like you did Mane
  8. FUT18

    Packed Bailly and Gundogan from WL rewards, got them both already but should net me 50k plus
  9. FUT18

    That’s standard pack luck though, you’ve got more than 15k of packs for your 15k haven’t you?
  10. FUT18

    You have though haven’t you, in the pack value?
  11. FUT18

    I’m the same with Rui Costa, every time I come up against him he’s amazing
  12. Star Wars: Battlefront 2

    If you get 4500 hours out of it, you can’t doubt the value for money
  13. FUT18

    My turn to get nothing off marquee matchups this week!
  14. Craig's MM tip

    Sure the blue one is a Saudi team, Al something or other. I pass it when I’m going to Al-Nassr
  15. FUT18

    I’ve done 5 and got nothing Its a new one tommo, need all golds with at least 5 rares