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  1. FLM Tour Season 3 Schedule/Discussion

    I was +8 on my practice round
  2. Well played Shaun, a whole host of missed chances for me, no arguments as I just didn’t take them
  3. Result: 5-0 Home Team Manager: Joe Franchise: Al Nassr Scorers: Dolberg 18, 55 Origi 34 Samedov 75 OG 50 Clean Sheet: Varas Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Origi Away Team Manager: @Riverman Franchise: Termalica Scorers: Clean Sheet: LOL Red Cards: Noble MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: ---- A clean sheet against Riverman GG Phil
  4. The Cutback..

    How about standing on the CB at a goal kick and trying to intercept the ball, hoping for an accidental press of the A button? That boils my p**s more than anything but I know lots of people don’t mind it
  5. The Cutback..

    Take them every day of the week, defend your wide areas better Worst one is where people moan about it and the ball’s gone forwards, clue’s in the name genius
  6. FUT18

    They been messing about with keepers in the last few weeks? Played my first games for 3 weeks this afternoon in WL qualifying and both mine and my opponents keepers in both games were parrying absolutely everything, Courtois is normally solid for me
  7. Fortnite: Battle Royale

    I’ve never been a big fan of anything cartoony, it gives me no incentive at all to try it especially when I find PUBG so fun By the time it starts getting boring they will bring the desert map out
  8. FUT18

    Right, I know this is a bit c kenny ish but with plenty of coins I thought I’d do the 5 rare mega packs as I’ve always had decent pulls out of them.. icon number 4 I’ve packed
  9. FUT18

    Just got a free ultimate pack for that year of the dog thing, shame it was untradeable
  10. FUT18

    It lets you do buying, selling, SBCs etc either on the web or your phone/tablet Pretty much everything except play games and redeem rewards
  11. FUT18

    I’m surprised you’re the first to admit it to be honest, bet more have done it!
  12. FUT18

    Interesting update this weekend, hit the home button on Xbox and you forfeit the game! Looking forward to reading some of the ragey posts about that
  13. FLM Tour Season 3

  14. FLM Tour Season 3

    @Berty44 Now is the time for the coup!
  15. PUBG

    I am a European server pussy tbf