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  1. The girlfriend/wife agreement

    Can’t be buners as it’s joined up writing and not written in crayon !
  2. Fortnite: Battle Royale

    I keep running into death it seems
  3. Fortnite: Battle Royale

    Looks much better as a PC game than console.
  4. FUT18

    Pictures or didn’t happen
  5. Rage Messages

    Bloody hell @Scott-RFC you can’t win every game of rocket league !
  6. Ashes Cricket 2017

    I do like the look of that.
  7. FUT18

    Played online draft and got front 4 of Neymar, Cavani (IF 88), Aubeymang (IF 89) & Messi. Won first game 9-1, second was 5-0 HT quit out and thinking surely nothing can stop this. Turns out a CDM combo of Partey & Jorginho can who intercepted every pass and won every 50/50 as well as picking up the 2nd ball from any blocks or tackles I made. May as well have had magnets in their boots. Lost 2-0 after he stuck Ronaldo up front and got one to trickle in bottom corner before conceding pen in injury time.
  8. Clubs Official Apology Thread.

    Before selling it to Lukewarm
  9. FUT18

    What are the odds on you randomly facing @Stev3n86 ! I didn’t even think he had FIFA this year
  10. Pes 18 Demo

    Best PES demo I've played and arguably could be the best PES since 2007 and could even challenge FIFA this year as for me there isn't much in it.
  11. TGC2 - Season 2 Info

    Can say same for pretty much any of the user made courses to be honest
  12. PS4 Clubs

    After all that talk today, anybody on tonight ?
  13. PS4 Clubs

    I'm also on now @tommo-uk- (not that it makes much difference)
  14. FC DavoteK: Trial Reports

    Jeez all this bitching and @W00dyinh0 hasn't even be reviewed yet