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  1. PUBG

    I would probably say that’s nearly everyone’s initial thoughts, after a few games of getting your head round the controllers etc it gets really addictive
  2. PUBG

    From what I’ve read this is pretty much the same as it was on pc when it was first released and they have updated that about once a month. Great game though and will only get better
  3. PUBG

    I killed a few people tonight...<DRAMATIC PAUSE>... with guns i think my trouble is is I leave it too late getting to the circle
  4. PUBG

    Same as that. Even after finding out how to load weapons 5 games yesterday and killed one person and that was running someone over. Oh and I got killed by a frying pan me and some guy landed next to each other had a little punch up I ended up chasing him into a building then he picked up the frying pan and started chasing me, was like a scene out of benny hill
  5. PUBG

    Or whatever the equivalent is on your controller
  6. PUBG

    How do you equip ammo to your weapon ffs
  7. PUBG

    You can play this now if you’ve downloaded it. I currently am
  8. PUBG

    because the game is still in development as it has been for pc players so it will still have loads of bugs ETC, so pretty much like any other game
  9. PUBG

    my download code is available from CD keys
  10. PUBG

    Fair enough. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been playing fortnite which I like but the building stuff p**ses me off, I started shooting someone earlier from behind and the f**ker built a wall before I could kill him and then killed me
  11. PUBG

    anyone got there code from cd keys yet? or is it usually the day before?
  12. Fortnite: Battle Royale

    tried this on the xbox last night, i like it
  13. Christmas games

  14. Ashes Cricket 2017

    i still play the first one, never bothered with the second
  15. Xbox - Digital Black Friday 2017

    Battfield 1 premium pass £12 I’m having that