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  1. The single player is excellent for battlefield 1. Is a tad short though
  2. dying light, have you played that? great game one of the few I've completed
  3. fired up the xbox and see it downloading
  4. What a melon
  5. star wars DLC is now free with EA access, also battlefield 1 and titanfall 2 are going to be on EA access soon
  6. now £4.80 on the xbox store
  7. Thought I'd get in first. Its s**t and not as good as last years
  8. Oh no @Jakey Fantastic bought this played it once and gave up, could've saved a few quid
  9. Works overrated. Knock it on the head
  10. got to go for wifey, @Nuuthatch good skills sir
  11. im in, this will be the first cod I've bought in years
  12. thanks for the invite pal, but being a f**king idiot i volunteered for overtime tomorrow gotta be up at 5
  13. I read somewhere the other day there was talk of single player DLC for battfield 1. Would love to see that as the single player was really good
  14. I hope they're showing some gameplay of state of decay 2