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  1. Well played mate
  2. Result: BTG - Athletico Madrid 5 def 1 - Al Ahli - FcumKev Home Team Manager: BTG Franchise: Athletico Madrid Scorers: Joaquin x 2, K.Huntelaar, C.Kramer & M.Milligan Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): K.Huntelaar Away Team Manager: FcumKev Franchise: Al Ahli Scorers: J. De Guzman Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A Match Report: Started off really close with Kev drawing blood first with a Guzman bullet. However then came the Rampage from the Madrid team despreate for promotion that they weren't going to let some Manc get the upper hand and it was raining goals and in a great way to end the season the scoreline was the same as our first game of the season. Good game Kev unlucky mate - look forward to Madden
  3. Good game mate well played - thought after I bossed the 1st half I would get the win here but it wasn't too be a real snatch and grab job.
  4. F**K me this goal was painful!
  5. Apologises should read: Result: BTG Athletico Madrid 3 def 0 Tottenham Taliz
  6. Result: BTG Athletico Madrid 3 def Tottenham Taliz Home Team Manager: BTG Franchise: Athletico Madrid Scorers: T.Cahill, R.Ghezzal & O.Hiljemark Clean Sheet: J.Gillet Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): K.Huntelaar Away Team Manager: Taliz Franchise: Tottenham Scorers: N/A Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A Match Report: Finally the monkey has been shaken off my back. Has taken me three games but I've done it and finally got a win against Taliz! It wasn't as easy as the scoreline suggests with the scores at halftime 0-0. It wasn't till O.Hiljemark put his foot down and after three/four rebound the Swed put his head through the ball to knock it in. Super-Sub Cahill will double the lead with a nice bit of dribbling around the box before unleashing a brutal shot. The 3rd from Ghez was in garbage time and was lucky as the GK came out to collect but backed off suddenly allowing the Hunt to cross it in to the open Ghez to put away the goal. Good game mate well played @Tailz77
  7. Good game mate - that goal from Jones has to be goal of the round for sure.
  8. The game looks quite good from what we have seen thus far and the return of Team Play mode - Basically like a Fifa Clubs mode but instead of 11 v 11 its 3 v 3. We will be looking to run some community nights during the season featuring this mode.
  9. Exactly as Joe said - its the part of the game we use for our online play where you take control of a team to manage the roster - such as trading/recruiting free agents and drafting rookies.
  10. MaddenPFL - The biggest UK/EU Madden Community since 2005 All, as you may know the release of Madden 18 is around the corner, the MaddenPFL team are pleased to announce exciting new changes coming to the website including an updated fresh look and a brand new CFM league structure. Established in 2005, MaddenPFL has grown to become one of the most popular sites for Xbox One and PS4 Madden NFL gaming in Europe. Who are we? Home to ‘sim-style’ football, we are currently hosting three CFM leagues and welcome players of all skill levels and abilities. So whether you’ve just picked up a copy yesterday, been playing the game for years or are looking to return to Madden after a break, we will have space for you. With a strong community of players you will always find a game to play, be challenged and develop your skills further. Our Franchises are filling up fast, however there is still space available in one of our Xbox One and PS4 Franchises. Xbox One Franchies Our Xbox One Franchise - the ‘PFL Arena’ will employ a 5 day game week with 8 minute quarters and we will be running the CFM options which suit our coaches. Signups are here if you wish to join. PS4 Franchises Our PS4 league returns to MaddenPFL after popular demand. This league will be a once a week advance league (if there is demand there will be a 5 day game week) with 8 minute quarters and the full CFM experience. Players of all abilities are welcome to join, so please get in touch and post your availability here. What you can expect Our strength has always been our community of dedicated coaches. When you join you can expect to see regular league articles and user content on the forum. Match reports, highlights, team reviews, mock drafts etc user involvement is heavily encouraged. In addition we have regular community events, Coach of the year competitions, ‘Road to the Playoffs’ articles and mock rookie drafts. We also offer community led events - such as a competitive ladder, king of the mountain & team play games. In addition to this, In time for the new NFL season we will providing our popular Pick’ems to whet your competitive and predictive juices. How to Join So If you are looking to take your first steps into your Madden career, are an experienced coach and are looking to satiate your Madden fix or just looking for a place to discuss the NFL with other passionate fans then MaddenPFL is the place for you. So signup and introduce yourself if you wish to join the best Madden CFM leagues around. If you have any questions please get in touch - would be great to see some of you guys join us for Madden 18. Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong forum.
  11. Some good games last night guys
  12. Surely if @ScottWales can be on the team anyone can play
  13. Good game mate well played
  14. Good game well played
  15. Didn't realise how good of a finish that was till i saw the reply.