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  1. FIFA 18 Glitches

    I actually enjoy this FIFA
  2. PSN game deals

    HMV have it for sale at £19.99 in store as part of Black Friday
  3. FUT18

    Just won the DKT for first time so qualified for a weekend of pain
  4. FUT18

    I've heard of it but i thought it was 'tube'
  5. PSN game deals

    Decent Black Friday Sale in Ps Store discounts on a lot of new stuff https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/grid/STORE-MSF75508-BLACKFRIDAY17/1
  6. FUT18

    Pathetic then
  7. FUT18

    When people pause at the start to change formation why don’t they just start with that in the first place?
  8. FUT18

    I played this morning a team of 8 icons and his 3 other players were Bailly, Pogba and Lewandowski
  9. FUT18

    What division are you guys in for online seasons? My current English Prem team is Hart Moreno Coleman Otamendi Sanchez Bakayoko Lanzini Can Coutinho Batshuayi Salah im up to Div 3 now, have got a French, German, Spanish and Italian team to mix it up a bit too
  10. Games for nectar points

    Did this earlier today, exchanged £10 worth of Nectar points and got Prey with it
  11. Games for nectar points

    Yeah collect it from the customer service bit, you have to specify the department you want the voucher for, so if it's a game you'll need to specify 'entertainment'
  12. FUT18

    Bakayoko is a Pansexual on this game, intercepts everything. also what level of fitness do you guys let your players get down to before resting them or boosting them with fitness? I tend to do it when they go below 90%
  13. COD - World War II

    I'll Bec on tonight for a bit, tend to play TDM
  14. Completed PS4 and XBONE games

    Level 22 - The misadventures of Gary. Good game for a commute, fairly short levels but a nice pick up and play game on the Vita 7/10
  15. Games for nectar points

    Just a heads up that Nectar Double Up is on again this November. You can collect your double up voucher from 8-20th Nov and can use it between 15th-21st Nov. I have about £17 so effectively will get a £30 voucher in exchange for £15 points, plenty of games in there for £30 or less