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  1. Lmao legit just a snap fest to see who can get more reds. Now that's what this f**king game is about 15 shots to like 22 f**king class Chair. Great talk about sheep and all the rest of the joys the world has to offer
  2. typical fifa f**king garbage, why we love this game. lol GG BRUUUH
  3. In
  4. Been quite enjoying Gears 4 so far! Haven't started on campaign yet tho!!
  5. 😱 daaaamn announcements on the way I assume, heard lots of talk it was going to be in the works.
  6. Clear your PMs m8 :up: 

  7. @Goldenbeard didn't even realize I was in this lol!! When u wanna play ours bud
  8. LOL man tbh I know I am going to lose the game vs you when I start, like straight up.. whats in it for me to rage quit? Believe it or I am actually on this site to play GAMES, and use my team. But then right after I supposedly "rage quit" I am still somehow on FIFA in menus (not offline, not on the home menu) and the fact your unable to pause the game to actually quit when an opponent scores.... And after I send you a video message of my FIFA menu reconnecting you're gonna try and play it off like this. Believe whatever s**t you want bro. I'm OUT. PS: I really woulda loved to save my Schurrle volley as it was indeed the best goal scored, even if you admit it or not.
  9. MANNNNN I could give a f**k less about the game whats in it for me to rage quit, so I can deal with your lame s**t on here? LOL man I never quit in a FLM match ever, that I can uphold.
  10. Yeah you got that message cuz your tryna immediately hit me with some bulls**t bout quitting.
  11. 4 rather srry lol.
  12. GG, nice cutback too. Sucks I lost connection at the end cuz my 2 goals were better then those 3 wet diaper hits you put in. Oh well out of this FA cup.