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  1. Ain't for lack of trying mate, I'll be on tonight @Tazarr 8:30-10:00, Tomorrow 8:00 till midnightish
  2. @Tazarr I'll be on 8:30-10:00 tonight if you're around buddy.
  3. Didn't even realise there was a handicap, Well played my man
  4. Revs 6-1 @payne wales Well played pal, Good luck for the remainder.
  5. Revs 3-1 @DiodeX Well played mate.
  6. Probably not going to get on massively late usually on from now till around 10.
  7. Xbox Group C

    Revs 1-1 Dan
  8. Xbox Group C

    Revs 4-1 Shaun
  9. Yes yes yes, Bout time I actually got a few games in against anyone really.
  10. FUT18

    Jumped back on the bandwagon and got stared last night, Chucked a few loan players ok I had to get me started and won my first game 3-2. Working through all the side challenges, Forgot to apply the boosts out the catalogue so that's the next thing
  11. FIFA 18 news

    Busy be on tonight.
  12. FIFA 18 news

    You're so demanding
  13. FIFA 18 news

    Thought you preferred the FUT hence no invite. Tell then missus you're playing FIFA tonight To be fair I was off to bed Where's mine ?
  14. FIFA 18 news

    Oh will people actually be about for friendlies after this patch now
  15. Forza 7

    Not for me, Always enjoyed the Horizon series but that looks to be going the same way as this then I'll pass. Micro Transactions everywhere