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  1. Result: 2-2 Home Team Manager: Razakel Franchise: PAOK Scorers: Larson x2 Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: Revskic Franchise: Schalke Scorers: Sabitzer,Embolo Clean Sheet: N/A Red Cards: N/A MoTM (if applicable): Marcel Sabitzer (9.2) Match Report: Tried a different formation resulted in my usual draw Took the lead after 5 minutes, Raz was level 3 minutes later after my defender decided it was a good idea to run into his attacker. Regained the lead just before the half hour mark. Raz was the better of the sides in the 3nd and levelled with 20 minutes to play. Well played bud.
  2. The whine is strong in here
  3. Power is everything mate or at least it was
  4. Don't forget the power stakes. Xbox One X > Everything else
  5. Xbox prevailed, It's ok to accept you made the wrong choice
  6. Well played bud.
  7. @Riverman are you around this evening or tomorrow night ?
  8. Depends on what you prefer to be honest mate, If you want to play friendlies with your league side or clubs get an Xbox, If you prefer FUT and are only interested in playing league games and nothing more it seems PS4 is the way to go at the moment.
  9. It is to me as well, But I can see the appeal if you're into that sort of thing. Let's be honest the vast majority of folks buy FIFA for UT these days.
  10. Just FUT in general, Haven't played it myself that much. But things like squad builders add incentives that weren't there before. Previously it was a case of how much money do I spend to get a good team.
  11. Been on the beer since lunch time, I'm not doing a @Riverman
  12. Buncey 2-1 Revs f**k sake
  13. Well played mate
  14. Shelbourne 3-3 Revs End to end if nothing else, Well played mate.
  15. In team inbound just putting it together now ! Brand - Bayern Munich GK - Pickford - 76 Rated - Sunderland RB - Nagatomo - 75 Rated - Inter CB - Riedewald - 74 Rated - Ajax CB - Omeruo - 72 Rated - Alanyaspor LB - Grimaldo - 78 Rated - Benfica CM - Keita - 80 Rated - RB Leipzig CM - Pedrinho - 73 Rated - Pacos Ferreira CM - Dele Alli - 82 Rated - Spurs LF - Rodrigo - 77 Rated - Valencia ST - Mbappe - 79 Rated - Monaco RF - Dembele - 81 Rated - Dortmund