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  1. FUT18

    On PS4 mate, the team is called FC Liverpool I think? It's literally a starter team on FUT at the beginning of the game.
  2. FUT18

    Just noticed that squad on SB - The full bronze and a handful of silvers team. Now, I ain't played it yet but SURLY they are beatable on Ultimate for those extra points. Not reaching top 100 so gonna give it a go. Cue the incoming rage when they destroy my full prem team
  3. FUT18

    Yup, I've f**ked it up Now 13 and 8 Horses**t man, absolute horses**t and I've a funny feeling i'll be banned from online as I couldn't control the ole rage because some f**king prick kept spamming the line and just sprinting with POTM mane, going to the byline and tapping in. No matter what I done either taking control of my player to block it he managed to score everytime. SIX f**kING GOALS ALL THE SAME! Prepare for a new gamertag
  4. FUT18

    Being predicted to finish elite 2 for WL Currently 12-3 but by f**k these players are shocking One guy took the lead and then held onto the ball from the 55th minute until last kick of the game when I scored. He then scored straight from kick off in extra time and did the same despite everything i tried to do my team just felt like s**t. No doubt I'll bottle this as I always do but If i can get another 5 wins in a row I'll start to think about elite then
  5. FUT18

    @ninjabean87 What scores you getting on WC and points wise?
  6. FUT18

    So aye held out all day from playing this heap but threw some pounds into the game and opened a few packs. Probably the best pull was Reus again and sold him and brought in 126k along with Salah who Im keeping. 500k was burning a hole in my pocket so bit the bullet and I went and purchased Jesus, Bailey, and Valencia. By f**k the difference in play wise with better players and as for Jesus.....his runs are sick! Played one WL game there now and won 2-1 but literally battered the guy in which his only goal came from a f**k up by Smalling In need of a really good CM or CDM. I do have plenty of coinage left and go get Kante but holding out for now. A LB is badly needed even though clyne done nothing wrong in that game. Any recs?
  7. FUT18

    Dilemma Rashford/Vary or Jesus for up front - Need 2 Walker/Valencia - Rb Salah/Martial - wingers Need to upgrade because Zappacosta and Gayle now are doing f**k all
  8. PS4 LW RED CARD Sign Up

    Sorry gents, count me out.....got visitors around
  9. FUT18

    Dembele from spurs in the rare pack but nothing in the other one.
  10. FUT18

    Holy s**t Just won a draft and my rewards were 45k, a jumbo premium and a rare players pack Never have I seen that before
  11. PS4 LW RED CARD Sign Up

  12. FUT18

    This AI defending bulls**t really is starting to get at me now.
  13. FUT18

    I got the exact same earlier for winning it Got Rudiger in mine but nothing else. Really poor
  14. FUT18

    Just sold my Reus for 145k along with bonucci for 48k and Alex Sandro for 105k
  15. FUT18

    Just did the gala league sbc and got reus.