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  1. Unify the crowns
  2. No I have a job
  3. Yup From 5.30 is And later on
  4. On for an hour or so if anyone wants to play Jump in my party or invite me I'll head off tho if no one about
  5. Riverman 5-2 Doon Free goal, iheanacho, Agra, Fazio, on Villa 2 Cheers @doob, gg mate
  6. All hail riverman the third 3-0 and you f**ked it up Cheers Joe:up:
  7. Gk Zengin 74 Rb Fredericks 69 Lb Lima 72 Cb Garay 83 Cb Van Damme 77 Cm Shaqiri 82 Cm Ornskov 68 Cm ananidze 75 St Alegria 75 St Gestede 74 St Adi 74 Decent cb pairing and shaqiri to create stuff Maybe this should be an event!!
  8. Riverman 1-5 @Joe Free goal Austin 3, origi, samedov Outclassed and out fifa'd
  9. Riverman 2-1 @giib Iheanacho, Agra Fernando
  10. Riverman 3-0 @Trooper uk Iheanacho, Belotti, jagielka Cheers trooper
  11. On now
  12. If only I dare to dream
  13. I sort of have this annoying thing called work I have to go to in the daytime
  14. I won't be on tonight A we end with the crown On tomorrow from 7 ish tho, just invite me
  15. Sorry for my poor performance There's a reason. Not one I'm going In to on here at tho