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  1. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    f**ked up , with 4 holes to play I took the lead and then got a 10 on the 15th . On round 3 I got a 7 on the same hole f**king game
  2. Anyone?

    ? I would have thought now is the best time to run it when there's nothing else to do on Fifa just waiting time
  3. Well played Mackem , it was a bit of a defensive battle that and really tight for 68 minutes. You deserved the win in the end though , well played mate
  4. FIFA 18 ratings

    one of my players has two cards , one for 78 CM AND 82 CAM Henri Saivet what does that mean ?
  5. Result: 2-1 Home Team Manager: Red Rhinoceros Franchise: Seattle Sounders Scorers: Kouyate 33 , Lang 67 Clean Sheet: - Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): Vietto Away Team Manager: Tuggi Franchise: Malmo Scorers: Zurutuza 71 Clean Sheet: - Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: This was a very scrappy game with lots of misplaced passes and midfield tackles flying in , the only goal in the first half was scored when Kouyate went clean through and slipped the ball between the Malmo keeper's legs. Seattle went further ahead on 67 minutes when 'Clubber' Lang finished a very good passing move before firing in off the post. It wasn't long however before Malmo pulled one back when Zurutuza headed in from a nice chipped cross. That was the end of the scoring though there were one or two difficult moments for Seattle to negotiate before claiming the win. The stats were almost identical and a draw would probably have been a fair result Unlucky Tuggi , I look forward to playing you again soon mate. @Tuggi ----
  6. League Wars - Headers & Volleys

    Lot of fun that , nicebone Shelly and Ricky
  7. Xbox Group A

    @Red Rhinoceros 1-0 @Marc-The-Knife
  8. League Wars - Headers & Volleys

  9. Xbox - Headers & Volleys Sign Up

    Number 3
  10. Xbox - Headers & Volleys Sign Up

    I'm in too
  11. TGC2 - FLM Tour

    Shame that , I vote Thursday to Sunday like real life (or Mon Morning)
  12. COD - World War II

    Bulls**t , I shot you a few times Mowgles
  13. COD - World War II

    There was no room in your team , you lot then took it turns to shoot me , stab me , bomb me and generally f**k me up .... When I got the chance for the odd kill I had to go for it , bang bang
  14. COD - World War II

    I couldn't believe my luck 😄
  15. Xbox Group A

    Jordan 2-1 Rhino well played fellas , enjoyable evening