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  1. Result: 3-3 Home Team Manager: Red Rhinoceros Franchise: Seattle Sounders Scorers: Bobadilla 3 , Bojan 30 , 57 Clean Sheet: n/a Red Cards: n/a MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: Chairfloor Franchise: Sundsvall Scorers: Palmer 36 , 53 , 74 Clean Sheet: n/a Red Cards: Sims MoTM (if applicable): Palmer Match Report: Very open game that I controlled for most of the first half going 2-0 and coasting but all things changed in the second half and Chairfloor was good value for the draw. He got his obligatory sending off in the 90th minute well played mate and sorry for the delay in posting the result @ChairFloor ----
  2. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    When PUBG wears off a bit maybe I like the idea of advertising and gettting fresh people on this New season , Feb 1st ?
  3. Burnout Paradise - Remastered

    I agree , the Burnouts before Paradise were brilliant
  4. What game are you currently playing?

    Sounds like Goldenbeard and his Fifa download allegedly
  5. What game are you currently playing?

    But you’re playing all these old games instead ? Get onboard you bender
  6. What game are you currently playing?

    I thought @Mowgles would be all over this ?
  7. The Golf Club 2 Xbox FLM Clubhouse

    depends how good you are mate ...<DRAMATIC PAUSE>... a few rounds I guess let me know when you are going to be online and I can jump in and give you a round and some tips @Berty44 will help too
  8. Fixture 20: Red Rhinoceros v Doob - [Confirmed]

    Great game pal , think you just about deserved the victory well played
  9. PUBG

    Fortnite is a kid’s cartoon game
  10. PUBG

    I got down to 40 something once. I’ve killed one person so far , with a crossbow !
  11. PUBG

    Only cos Marco nicks all the guns before I land ...<DRAMATIC PAUSE>... and you f**kers leave me on my own ! watching Payne limping around looking for meds was funny though
  12. PUBG

    We waited a long time for a randomer last night so had to split into a 2 and a 1 can you shoot someone in your own squad ? It would be funny for the other 3 to attack the random guy as soon as you land
  13. PUBG

    Can you play in the same game with 3 in a squad ? How do you drop stuff when you have too much ? Really enjoying this , especially on days when there is no football on
  14. Quaresma filth

    It was league Wars mate , don’t get too carried away
  15. Quaresma filth

    Ha ha , you are rattled