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  1. I'll play the winner if Joe and Riverman aren't online @RFC Buncey @giib
  2. I'm third in Division 2 Goldenknobhead
  3. I think he should attempt to be the first dual console king maybe that's his plan
  4. That must be due to the hours you work , 5.30 is definitely the afternoon in my world.
  5. just one game left to be played here @Berty44 v @Nuuthatch Think Nuuthatch is back from holiday early next week
  6. @ZoSo @krudler42
  7. Group Complete , Congratulations @Grumbo you are through to the semi finals.
  8. @Tuggi @Sir Sparktacus @Howson JAWZ Where are we going with this fellas ? You have to actually arrange when to play these games
  9. Yep
  10. I'll take the first slot Doob
  11. XBox is buzzing ? Riverman held onto it for 4 days without playing anyone and then lost to Joe 😄
  12. What late nights will you be on this week mate ?
  13. Hold on , after all the s**t you gave me you've gone 3 or 4 days without defending the crown ?
  14. @Tuggi @Sir Sparktacus both of you are late night boys too so should be able to get this done by Friday
  15. Same here , great volley from Jakey ... they normally fly over the bar but Nutty has seriously improved his stick skills as shown with his goal