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  1. Yeah , no idea how I lost that one well played though , great goal.
  2. No mate , just the one match in the final
  3. Is there a new one up on Xbox ? I fancy a few rounds later
  4. You nearly scored in injury time too ... could easily have gone either way
  5. Result: 0-0 Home Team Manager: Red Rhinoceros Franchise: Seattle Sounders Scorers: n/a Clean Sheet: Rensing Red Cards: n/a MoTM (if applicable): Kouyate Away Team Manager: Sir Sparktacus Franchise: Leicester City Scorers: n/a Clean Sheet: Rebrov Red Cards: n/a MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: Aaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh Not sure how this stayed 0-0 , chances at both ends including 5 for me in the last minute. Post , Crossbar ..... off the line ..... Well played mate ----
  6. sorry mate , was Vietto for Seattle Sounders
  7. @Grumbo Result: 2-1 Home Team Manager: Red Rhinoceros Franchise: Seattle Sounders Scorers: Camilo 65 , Vietto 87 Clean Sheet: n/a Red Cards: n/a MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: Grumbo Franchise: Empoli Scorers: Karelis 27 Clean Sheet: n/a Red Cards: n/a MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: This was the typical game of two halves with Empoli dominating the first and Seattle struggling to get a shot on goal. Karelis used some pace to beat the last defender and he slotted the ball past Rensing. A formation change got the Sounders back into the game and Camilo fired into the net on his league debut.... Seattle then piled forward looking for the win and it came with just 3 minutes to go with a nice through ball from Saivet for Vietto to finish.... Good entertaining game as always Grumbo , you were unlucky for the third time this season. ----
  8. Pebble Beach and Sawgrass , love both courses and St Andrews
  9. Cheers Dan , surely you have to put the scorers down too .... viettttttooooooooo
  10. In , number 3
  11. I know ... but the chipping seems to be so difficult I find this easier
  12. I only use the flop shot for this .... every time I get used to the distance and the bonus is that the ball doesn't roll very far
  13. come on guys .... @DiodeX @Grumbo @Nuuthatch @j0rd4n500
  14. I think you're mistaking me for someone else. I just liked the idea suggested by someone else that we have a non handicap tournament to see where everyone is. What's yours now ?