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  1. FUT18

    7-7 but turning it around after going full Serie A with Overmars. Hamsik is hands down the best CM I have used. Literally an animal.
  2. FUT18

    You won't need him though lol
  3. FUT18

    Ibra and Iniesta
  4. FUT18

    That Fernandes card Finally have a way of putting a decent team around the SBC cards I have
  5. FIFA 18 news

  6. FIFA 18 news

    Universidad de Chile have had their real players added. Might be hope for the Chilean league yet.
  7. FUT18

    Completed Overmars 169k plus WL rewards to build a team around him and SBC Promes later.
  8. FIFA 18 news

    The face update was last week as I have Quaresma and it has his new face scan for the WL. Probably stability stuff.
  9. FUT18

    12-6 atm Did the loan Hernandez sbc and wow
  10. Last of us part 2

  11. FIFA 18 news

    Just don't be a PF or a slashing guard. Me and Paul are crying out for a 3 pt guard
  12. Clubs - Division 1 - 100m Bounty

    Yep those were the good days
  13. Clubs - Division 1 - 100m Bounty

    Best clubs was Fifa 11 where we constantly had 11
  14. XB1+PS4 Clubs LW Info

  15. PS4 - Clubs LW Sign Up

    In and I will be a captain