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  1. FUT18

    Everyone I talk to about FUT has had some great pulls this year, and it seems fairly consistent. I've certainly spent a fair bit more and got a lot less in previous years. I suppose that's just anecdotal but I doubt that many people will just all have had much better pack luck than ever before...
  2. FUT18

    I got a Vardy two weeks ago for a weekly objective 2 player pack Definitely love the better pack odds this year.
  3. FUT18

    I have, it's not even the pace that's the issue, it's the strength. He just bounces off Martial, never seen anyone as untacklable who wasn't like a TIF or something
  4. FUT18

    By the way how depressing is it when your 1k coins bonus per game runs out Actually devastating.
  5. FUT18

    Crowd sourcing this, can anyone think of a way for me to keep robben, mane, goretzka and Bakayoko from this team in but have a better right back? Martial is literally my only weakness at this point because he just munches Kimmich Happy to change anyone other than those four.
  6. FUT18

    I got to 14 wins with 14 games left or so, my first taste of the weekend league was very salty.
  7. PS4 Group A

    Robbie 3 - 3 PpJt
  8. PS4 Group A

    Gaz 2 - 2 PpJt
  9. FUT18

    If you wanna avoid good players just quit out if you see a fut champions 17 kit or something similar might help That's Ricky levels of try hard though
  10. FUT18

    This will be my first WL ever this weekend, since I didn't play much fut last year (and when I did I always got to the final, lost, and gave up). I'm ready to join everyone in hating life
  11. FUT18

    Eh the people with ridiculous teams probably do that. The pack luck in SBCs has by all accounts been great this year. I'd say I'm probably like most folk, chuck 40 quid or so at the start and then just play with what I get from that and try and build it up. Buying packs at the start of the game is the best time, because players that will be worth buttons in 6 months are very valuable right now.
  12. FUT18

    Here's what I'll be rolling with this weekend, did Mane on a whim.
  13. FUT18

    I think I'll do the Mane Sbc tonight
  14. FUT18

    Autobuyers are the worst, buying players half the time really just means finding the amount the autobuyers are configured at for that player and finding a card 100 over it.