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  1. Jesus he's been rinsing people
  2. Got to be Germain for me, utterly silky.
  3. Result: 1-0 Home Team Manager: @Steevoo Franchise: Bristol City Scorers: Borges Clean Sheet: Robles Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Yokuslu Away Team Manager: PpJt Franchise: FC Porto Scorers: Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: ---- Porto will have every right to feel aggreived, as their sloppy finishing allows a pinned-back Bristol City to sneak a victory with their only shot on target of the game. Best of luck in the rest mate.
  4. Result: 1-2 Home Team Manager: @Dom86Gtfc Franchise: West Ham Scorers: Nordtveit Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Nordtveit Away Team Manager: PpJt Franchise: FC Porto Scorers: Milik, Erdogan Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: ---- Good game mate, with a cracker of a volley from Milik the difference in this game. Best of luck in the rest. Milik volley below!
  5. I mean you're the one offering 100m bounty to get carried to div 1...
  6. Big words for a s**tter who's never been to div 1, go do that then come chat with the adults.
  7. You referred to the PS4 as the reserves which would presumably mean you consider Xbox the first team?
  8. Aye when the main team plays in division ten I'll stick to the reserves tyvm
  9. Right then bawbags, who's up for clubbage tonight?
  10. I dont think we discriminate, Marco and btg play with us occasionally and that started just from them being in a party when we were going to play AFAIK.
  11. Apologies we are not quite that close but not too far away. http://proclubshead.com/ps4/club/4622445/
  12. You do realise that we are literally like 2 wins from 4 away from div 1 right now? I think we are anyway, sound about right @Kerrgio @Chris_Kenny @ScottWales @Rickyt So I dunno about not disciplined enough to get to div 1 mate
  13. @DavoteK Would there be any you deem worthy on the PS4 side to do trials on that side? To make it even and stop people from moaning about wah wah wah xbox gets chance at money we dont wah wah wah bulls**t. I'd love to take part in a road to div 1 with random flmers
  14. As s**te as I am @Chris_Kenny is certainly a better candidate for this particular abuse
  15. They ruined Scotland!!!