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  1. message me on psn or tag me on here if it's occurring
  2. I could be if clubs is on the go
  3. I mean in all seriousness, and I say this as someone who was king for barely 4 games or some s**t, if you aren't happy about the handicaps and all that then there's one solution. Get good.
  4. Well while we are inactive layabouts on PS4 at least we don't get butt devastated over the handicaps I demand a new rule, if you beat people in a division above you in friendlies you swap places with them. It's the only way to stop this outrage. Due to the fact I once beat a hungover RickyT in a friendly I am basically Prem standard and I won't have you holding me back
  5. PpJt 2-3 @Mr-Masta Ppjt Goalscorers: Free Goal, H. Perez (Player in pending completion, both players agreed to his use) Masta Goalscorers: Eder, Depay, Beausejour Got a bit unlucky I feel, but then if you look at the stats of the game I clearly got bummed. The king is dead! Long live the king!
  6. Never mind sir, theres a big f**k-off update downloading so I'll have to wait for that...
  7. Let me know if you make it on any earlier mate.
  8. I'm playing Masta tonight so you'd probs have more joy asking him in about two hours If I am somehow still king I will let you know.
  9. I mean if that was the attitude I wouldn't have put up a slots thread for today would I Was just commenting that it's not like I disappeared for 4 days...
  10. I'm just an awful king to have to be honest, I don't turn my PS4 on unless I've got a league game arranged, so you don't get those drop-in games that xbox does I guess? That being said I have done my 3 games in a week so at least I'm not so slack as to lose the title by inactivity
  11. I didn't even see tbh mate I wouldn't have been about anyways mate, will post up slots when I am available
  12. Result: 0-2 Home Team Manager: @houdini64 Franchise: Barcelona Scorers: Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: PpJt Franchise: FC Porto Scorers: N'Doye, Pinto Clean Sheet: Weidenfeller Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Carcela Gonzalez Match Report: ---- In a game that was also a King of the Hill match, two headers from corners just before the end of the first half decided this one. The first goal from N'Doye going in after some comedy efforts from the Barca keeper. Good game mate, best of luck in the rest!
  13. Was also a league game, Div 1