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  1. that the problem I'm on early shift from tomorrow
  2. yh this needs playing this week as I'm off on holiday saturday
  3. confi4med bud great game the 2 early goals killed it for me good luck in the rest
  4. confirmed mate gg
  5. confirmed buddy great game
  6. confirmed buddy great game
  7. around now till 12 then after 11pm later
  8. confirmed bud was a bit laggy at times my team needs a refresh big time
  9. confirmed buddy cracking game
  10. by far the best team I've made so far
  11. the best I got out of the free pack
  12. anyone had there pack from doing the birthday challenges yet?
  13. first in form
  14. just opened a pack I saw Portugal lw my heart went in my mouth but ea love to give me s**t ended being bruma
  15. gutted