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  1. Rubbish generally?
  2. Due to @RFC Buncey being so damn rich (he owns Berkshire you know!) He was able to afford FIFA on both consoles.
  3. Result & Player Stats Added
  4. Result & Player Stats Added
  5. Result & Player Stats Added
  6. Result & Player Stats Added
  7. Nice highlights @W00dyinh0
  8. Anyway, I'll take you on if you still have it later @Riverman
  9. I would call it evening myself, but what do I know, posh people know everything
  10. http://www.vg247.com/2017/06/21/fifa-18-ditching-canned-animations-preview/ As it rolls in. I really hope the canned animation thing is going.
  11. £30 is a steal if you don't have it
  12. Necromancer pack is out on the 27th June + Challange Rifts.
  13. FSL deleted @Howson JAWZ to confirm
  14. this is only kind of King @riverman is