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  1. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Won 2-1 last night. Some defending went down. Yeah, versus a human.
  2. FIFA 18 EA Access

    I bet if we used the top tier teams, the game would be the best ever, but we use mid range s**tters for the most part. (well I do, poor management) you read the reviews and they bang on about player movement, yeah, OK they're using Real Madrid, Chelsea etc, etc. And I ain't wasting a minute of my 10hours on clubs
  3. FIFA 18 EA Access

    And, right, this is the worst thing about FIFA 18, I've lost my bright green kit
  4. FIFA 18 EA Access

    OK, still fummin'
  5. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Defending is a skill for sure, I was doing some cracking defending at times. But the players in general accelerate really slowly then bam, they're off. The defenders do get caught out but thinking about it you have to take control and try to position the player to cut out the through ball. I think the FIFA team need to take a leaf out of the Madden team. Madden for years was gimmick based and almost an arcade game. Then they got a new producer in who a: Used to play for real and b: loves the sport with a passion. The gameplay over the last 3 years has improved 10 fold. Anyway, speedy CB needed I'm just fumin' as I was beating @Revskic 3-1 then lost 5-3 ffs
  6. FIFA 18 EA Access

    From what I have seen there is nothing really new. Gameplay is tweaked at best. FUT holds no interest to me so maybe in losing value there. No new commentary either
  7. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Dodgy keepers and . I like to dabble in sexual intercourse with animals. acceleration are the blights of the game just now. Defending I put down to the game not doing it for you now. But the CBs will get sliced open without any thought of shutting down the runner at times. Long shots seem to be king also. Expensive player update tbh.
  8. FIFA 18 EA Access

    oh, the commentary...so f**king lazy
  9. FIFA 18 EA Access

    all you buggers will have used up your 10hrs before I get on tonight
  10. FIFA 18 EA Access

    wooo, Jota on a +4 MDR! but 5 players gone AWOL! fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  11. FIFA 18 news

    At least that is the top tier from Austria.
  12. FIFA 18 news

    no, the players aren't going to be much good and who'll want a franchise from the German 3rd Div?
  13. FIFA 18 news

    https://www.easports.com/fifa/news/2017/fifa-18-leagues-and-teams?utm_campaign=fifa18_hd_ww_ic_soco_twt_leaguesclubs-tw-190918&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&cid=36243&ts=1505893798659 All the teams, I'm not sure if there are any new leagues apart from the German 3rd division. Looks to be a £50-60 squad update.
  14. FIFA 18 news

    That sucks.
  15. FIFA 18 news

    lol, nets....