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  1. PUBG

    The accuracy to do that is exquisit. Teach me
  2. PUBG

    Is it just me that feels the bullets dont register sometimes?. Its like you are point blank range and that the person should be dead
  3. PUBG

    @Bumblebee G1 you on tonight mate or nah?
  4. PUBG

    I dont get many
  5. PUBG

    I actually dont get the level 3 backpack on pubg. As it looks smaller than level 2 backpack
  6. PUBG

    2 weeks? You dont go on the game much i see
  7. PUBG

    Yeah its a s**tter. But hopefully when the game is fully developed then prices will go down
  8. PUBG

    I managed to give my character a haircut. Hes now looking like dwayne johnson
  9. FLM Battle Royale - XB1 Sign Ups

  10. PUBG

    The 9 kills
  11. PUBG

    Best Chicken Dinner Ever. Clip will be on feed soon
  12. FUT18

    Over the years i would say that fifa is scripted but i believe this game, the defending mechanism is to blame for goals conceeded.
  13. FLM Battle Royale - 17/1/18 @ 9pm - INFO

    I was expecting the room to blow up after the countdown. Believe i got that idea from a russel howard sketch
  14. PUBG

    The blue wave is the maiden. You dont mess with her, she is a bitch. Try to get to the safe zone before it sets off
  15. FLM Battle Royale - 17/1/18 @ 9pm - INFO

    You sound excited. So you will be on?