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  1. Chat in game

    Cheers mate See in online seasons / fut say u don’t use your mic and the other guys can be seen on the tv chatting can u hear him? Or can u only hear him if u put on your mic.
  2. Chat in game

    Funny lad wondering if maybe there’s a setting on the PS4
  3. Chat in game

    Lads has fifa changed the way it does chat this year. In fifa 17 if I wasn’t using my mic and someone was using the mic in say online seasons, I could hear them. Played Afew games where I’m off mic but a handful of random games in fact all of them if anyone is on mic I can’t hear them unless I use my mic too. Is that the same for everyone else?
  4. FUT18

    I’ll let my step son know, what a tool he is. Swear he has like van basten, Sanchez and sweaty Salah and martial. Not to mention those random coloured cards with higher stats in centre mid too. Congrats on the 3 points lol
  5. FUT18

    Wasn’t me u prick if u read any of my posts on here when I packed that random icon I gave my account to my step son. I only play seasons not the fut bollocks
  6. FUT18

    Never bought packs before but I spent 11.99 or something. Koke, deulafu, and rjkaard ain't bad I thought well according to my step son anyway
  7. FUT18

    Never play fut as I only play seasons as I hate the fut concept. Anyway late last night went on it to p**s off my step son and did that stupid childish thing of buying packs. Ain't played one fut game so far yet I pulled this out of the bag... got my step son begging me now to let him have my account. Boom. But I'll still hore out my seasons where I'm in div1. @BluenoseDave72 think it's u, your record on that is amazing. I was West Ham for ages but kept getting matched up against man united as I moved up the leagues so I though f**k this I'll be one of the big boy teams too then and I haven't looked back since
  8. Good game mate I was gonna say your keeper man of the match until he f**ked up right at the end. U probably shud have won given your 1st half display. Think that defo keeps u up, although I'm toying with relegation for sure
  9. Fixture 20: Buncey vs Toni - [Confirmed]

    Gg @RFC Buncey I just can't seem to win atm. Think at the end a draw was probably a fair result though. All the best
  10. Fixture 14: Toni Fifa vs Bluenose Dave - [Confirmed]

    Great write up mate. 1st half was more one sided but 2nd u came into a my chick forward / CB made some important tackles which on another day u would have been clean through on goal. Gl in that promotion push think im as good as down after I threw away my two goal lead here. As always though when playing u, defending for both teams is non existent. Enjoy the week bud
  11. Well played @PpJt always tight but u took the chances well and showed better composure. That rotten post f**king screwing lol
  12. Result: Fixture 7: Toni Fifa 2 vs 3 Buncey Home team Manager: tonii_fifa Franchise: Barnet Scorers: F. Caicedo, D. Nagbe Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: @RFC Buncey Franchise: Real Sociedad Scorers: F. Quagliarelli Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): F. Quagliarelli 10 Match Report: I needed a win and even though I gave the title winner a run for his money he showed why he is top with some clinical finishing. Well done mate for winning the league and Gl in division 1, good chatting to ya
  13. Fixture 25: Houdini64 (Barcelona) 1 vs 2 ToniFifa (Barnet) Home Team Manager: @houdini64 Franchise: Barcelona Scorers: F. Torje Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: tonii_fifa Franchise: Barnet Scorers: Adama, B. Sako, Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Caciedo 8.8 Match Report: A real cruel blow to @houdini64 even though he rode his luck in the game to lose the game in the last minute is a bitter blow. Good game mate for a change i only conceded 1 goal can't believe it lol. All the best bud
  14. Good game bud can't believe u f**ked up your lead good chatting to u on the mic... All the best
  15. Good game mate great talking to u on the mic. U deserved the win maybe not my that margin but u was far more composed in the final third than I was. Good luck with the promotion u deserve it