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  1. FLM Tour Season 2 - Schedule/Duscussion

    Couldn't hit straight first couple of rounds Figured out a way to hit mostly perfects the 3rd and 4th rounds so hopefully I'll improve
  2. TGC2 - Season 2 Info

    I get they are the big test etc. Just be nice to have 1 out of them as one anyone can win rather than the top dogs
  3. TGC2 - Season 2 Info

    Any chance of having a major with handicapped scoring? Be nice for us lesser lights to have a major we could be in the running for.
  4. Fixture 25: Tiernobyl v ThePacFish - [Confirmed]

    Relegated again
  5. Xbox Group B

    Revs 2-1 Pac Make Revs a trophy please. Glitch corners and last man red cards enabled him to grab a glorious group B title
  6. Xbox Group B

    Pac 4-2 Toffduff
  7. Xbox Group B

    Pac 4-0 Zoso Unlucky mate
  8. League Wars - International Teams Info

  9. COD - World War II

    I'm f**king aids Will be on to sacrifice myself for the B cause after league wars.
  10. TGC - FLM Tour Round 10: Augusta (Major Event)

    I was -8 until I shot limited on the 15th I think it was
  11. LW - Signup - Xbox

    In - 4
  12. COD - World War II

    Currently downloading. I've made a reservation on B
  13. LW - Xbox 1 - Sign Up Thread

    @Shelbourne sorry mate I'm gonna have to withdraw. Something's come up
  14. LW - Xbox 1 - Sign Up Thread

    In GK: Donnarumma LB: Theo Hernandez CB: Issa Diop CB: Malang Sarr RB: Erick Aguirre CM: Renato Sanches CM: Amadou Diawara CAM: Marco Asensio LW: Ousmane Dembele ST: Kylian Mbappe RW: Kingsley Coman