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  1. Diablo 3

    Season 13 it is then!
  2. Diablo 3

    f**k when did that start?
  3. star craft 2

    Yeah I know, might as well use the old thread rather than creating a new one
  4. star craft 2

    Its now free (sort of) what's to complain about?
  5. star craft 2

    Now become F2P apparently. How limited it is i dint know but if you havent played this, its the best RTS around https://www.starcraft2.com/en-gb/
  6. Xbox - Digital Black Friday 2017

    Yeah saw that, thought it would be around that
  7. Xbox - Digital Black Friday 2017

    Skyrim SE for $20 Always said I'd pick this up when it was cheap.
  8. Star Wars: Battlefront 2

    Still on my Rental list. Play it for free for a bit then send it back Trouble is this will only stop if people don't pay. Sadly most people still will.
  9. Speakers

    At least get one with a headphone out so you can plug in speakers. Thsts what I've done. A monitor that is.
  10. Diablo 3

    Sweet i'll start playing next season properly.
  11. FUT18

    Slowly upgrading each position. Pretty happy with how it plays.
  12. Destiny 2

    May have to log on just for this
  13. GT Sport

    Ahhh forget that, that's for GT6
  14. GT Sport

  15. GT Sport

    Not got that far in yet, was just doing the licenses where you get given set cars, But I was winning credits etc so I guess it will be like the games of old.