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  1. FUT18

    I have Buffon and he's immense for me.
  2. FUT18

    Defo go Legendary, I actually find them easier then WC
  3. Xbox LW Group A

    Marco 2 - 3 Berty 2 red cards for me
  4. Xbox LW RED CARD Sign Up

  5. FUT18

    looking forward to the rage tonight
  6. FUT18

    Yep, I went for him in then end, around 60k coins, scored with his first touch on his debut
  7. FUT18

    Strootman is a good shout, I have Joao on the bench. Nainggolan outof my price range atm I think!
  8. FUT18

    Got a nice little Italian league set up here. Think I can improve on Allan, any suggestions? got about 60k coins available
  9. FUT18

    2 Mega packs for me: Pack one: Defoe Pack 2: A walk out Pepe 86 rated, was well chuffed, then saw his max BIN is only 10k and he's extinct on the market, also I got 2 In-Form players 82 ST - Sanabria & 83 rated Elyounoussi. Horn & Bravo So can't really complain, total prob worth 30-40k coins
  10. Grumbo's Pre Season Invitational Event.

    Im in if theres a dropout
  11. Grumbo's Pre Season Invitational Event.

    s**t i missed this
  12. FUT18

    how many points you get for that? How many SB points do you have? I'm on 38,000 just keeping inside Elite 2
  13. FUT18

    Just sold my Kramaric for 25k
  14. FUT18

    Out of the last 16 or so games I've played on Lege I've won about 12 of them. Not guaranteed but if you stick to the game plan it's quite easy. I found that it's all about patience, passing the ball around at the back if need be and waiting for the space, once you go 1 nil up the CPU seems to switch to all out attack which means if you stick to the plan there's more and more space for you. Hard to stay focused and patient like that for the full game though.