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  1. Fao Davo / Admin Team - League Wars Discussion

    Just remember NFL don't pay your bills
  2. XB1+PS4 Clubs LW Info

    No teams posted then?
  3. XB1+PS4 Clubs LW Info

    I joined your party Sat there for 15mins saying hello like a burke and you said nothing so I've gone to the shop
  4. XB1 - Clubs LW Sign Up

    In captain
  5. Xbox Group B

    Cheers for the games
  6. Xbox Group B

    Raz 3-2 Vondia
  7. FUT18

    Got a nice 36k for Vardy from my weekly pack. Loving the daily weekly objectives and the squad battles in this year's game.
  8. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Got my first 1-0 win on FUT last night ...the trick is just don't let the other team take a shot lol Seriously though there better be a patch to at least improve the keepers
  9. FIFA 18 EA Access

  10. FIFA 18 EA Access

  11. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Such a terrible game, you can see it's geared towards those 'Pro' YouTube players in there FUT cups EA hold ...can't have a 1-0 win on a televised game so let's turn off keepers and defending.
  12. FIFA 18 EA Access

    The keepers are poor but the rest I'm getting used to. Defending isn't that bad, center backs a bit slow to respond though
  13. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Downloading and calculating how little sleep I need to still function as a human being in work tomorrow lol
  14. Xbox - Headers & Volleys Sign Up

    In with number 1