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  1. Confirmed back Tuesday will get it Done that week
  2. I learnt it and didn't care for it much, no wonder the women are always acting spazzy with all that multi tasking.
  3. And then you scored. Under hand tactics been speaking to @Joe for tips
  4. Well played man. @Mowgles although fuuucking sneaky trying to get me to talk about stuff to distract me. Oh and my controller stick buttons that you stole. Apart from that a legit win.
  5. Still can now fucck off back to the PS4 morgue.
  6. Jealousy isn't a nice trait @Red Rhinoceros
  7. Result: 1-0 Home Team Manager: nuuthatch Franchise: reading fc Scorers: Germain Clean Sheet: pantilimon Red Cards: natcho MoTM (if applicable): adomah Away Team Manager: red rhino Franchise: Seattle sounders Scorers: Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): the nuuthacht wagon marches on, good game pal "it couldn't happen could it" Match Report: ----
  8. @Red Rhinoceros you are having a laugh. Group a haven't played any games yet and you are moaning about us
  9. Next time I'll get you
  10. I don't know how to drive a bus let alone park one.
  11. @Joe 330pm Friday
  12. Ok well I'm on holiday from next Thursday for 10 days so will have to pick it up on my return pal @Berty44
  13. I get in his head, he is beaten before he steps onto the pitch
  14. @Berty44 how exciting, never had to play for a draw before. Gonna find me a bus to park. @Berty44 don't think I'll be about this weekend maybe sat afternoon 4ish failing that when's good for u