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  1. Nice! I was mid-typing this . A win each was fair from our double header.
  2. Don't know about close Couldn't do anything - the penalty summed my game up. Well played and deserved three points.
  3. Stop winning games
  4. Result: Stench 0-1 ScottWales Home Team Manager: @Stench Franchise: Juventus Scorers: - Clean Sheet: - Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): - Away Team Manager: ScottWales Franchise: QPR Scorers: A. Faurlin 90' Clean Sheet: Rafael Bittencourt Red Cards: C. Washington MoTM (if applicable): A. Faurlin (8.6) Match Report: A very end-to-end game with both sides playing some excellent football. Juve appearing to have the better chances. Conor Washington received QPR's first red card of the season when he attempted to cross the ball in but for the man instead. Juve's hearts were broken however when in-form Alejandro Faurlin headed a goal deep into stoppage time. Unlucky @Stench. Great game in fairness and I would have been happy with a point each but FIFA decided to give me some momentum! Good luck with other games.
  5. Well played mate. Shame about the cutback but you needed the points and despite my shot count, I couldn't get another goal. Good luck in your other games. Was going to spare you the cutback replay but I liked my Robson-Kanu goal too much!
  6. I'm still up for it anyway. Love me a bit of Forza even if I am crap at it.
  7. Watching the Wales game and might have a couple of league games first but I'll jump in on something if people are still playing after 10.
  8. Might be on a little later. Can't get to my console right now
  9. Aye count me in.
  10. Must be easier on the Xbox side @Howson JAWZ
  11. After my goalkeeper being a pookeynoodle against @bcoatesy, it was nice to get.
  12. Result: Tailz 0 - 2 ScottWales Home Team Manager: @Tailz77 Franchise: Tottenham Hotspur Scorers: - Clean Sheet: - Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): - Away Team Manager: ScottWales Franchise: QPR Scorers: M. Barovero OG 3', A. Faurlin 28' Clean Sheet: Rafael Bittencourt Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): S. Caulker (8.9) Match Report: After a goalkeeping error in the last game, QPR had a goal of their own when a van Wolfswinkel shot was strangely put into the Spurs net by keeper Barovero. Fortunes seemed to favour the hoops with most decisions going their way. Faurlin continued his fine start and completed the R's fortunes with a goal in to the bottom corner. Both teams failed to threaten for the rest of the game and QPR held on for the points. Unlucky Tailz, I definitely got all the rebounds and blocks go my way. Still confused by the first goal though
  13. Result: ScottWales 4-3 bcoatesy Home Team Manager: ScottWales Franchise: QPR Scorers: A. Faurlin 19', C. Washington 21', R. van Wolfswinkel 77', I. Sylla 87' Clean Sheet: - Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): C. Washington (9.2) Away Team Manager: @bcoatesy Franchise: FC Vaduz Scorers: A. Rannochia 6' 10', V. Aboubakar 90' Clean Sheet: - Red Cards: - MoTM (if applicable): - Match Report: QPR looked to get back to winning ways after a loss and draw in their previous two. Vaduz had other ideas though as they went 2-0 up after 10 minutes with Rannocchia getting two goals... the first an absolute howler from R's goalkeeer Rafael, kicking the ball against him allowing for an easy header. QPR quickly got back in to the game with debut goals from both Alejandro Faurlin and auction signing Conor Washington. Vaduz piled the pressure on all game but lost the game when van Wolfswinkel and Sylla scored to put QPR into a 4-2 lead. Aboubakar pulled back a 3rd but Vaduz couldn't get an equaliser. Well played @bcoatesy. Unlucky not to get a point here!
  14. Bloody hell Marco