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  1. Yeah mate no worries invite when ya ready m8
  2. have you played luke ?
  3. yeah mate i will
  4. yeah post ya times up mate, i'll chuck a challenge in one of em would of done sooner but manic work last few days
  5. Yep voted mate
  6. Confirmed , LOOL That pretty much sums that 2nd half right up 😉. Well played mate , good game as always yep could of gone either way, you probably just edged it but draw is a decent result for both. The 2nd half was very frustrating so bring on the next one in a few weeks time cheers mate
  7. Ha ha I bet
  8. Ha check it out @ben91tucker here's that stekelnclutz classic
  9. Was good and a great idea shame bit of a low pS4 turnout but decent still, cheers for that @Shelbourne and well done Ben
  10. Well played Ben , good game again you got that dam golden goal thanks to a lovely flick and hit from the keeper tight again though wp
  11. Final it is then
  12. Good game , very tight that
  13. Cheers gregg wp unlucky mate, good chatting to ya
  14. 2 mins, well ok 4 mins probs loool
  15. lol that's 2 of us i'll do mine and play ben , but if you're done 1st let me know in here mate